Tuesday, 17 February 2015

3D Hot Air Balloon

Assembly Instructions below
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On your mat

Pale Yellow - Main balloon sections x 6
Red - Decorative panel sections for main balloon x 6 and basket
Darker Yellow - Basket sides and bottom
Purple - Strips (ropes) that hold the basket to the balloon

Dimensions - 
Overall height 17"
Width - 8"

Cut all your parts.

Assemble the balloon first. keeping the glue tabs to the outside of each panel this will make it easier to assemble

Now build the basket. I have designed it so that it folds in half to create a double layer to add stiffness. so fold it in half and glue it down. The put a curve into it so that it's easier to glue to the base, glue it to the base with the tabs to the bottom of the base, these will be covered with the second base you have cut out. Once you have glued to the first base you can then glue the second base to the underneath to hide the glue tabs 

The thin oblong strips are the parts that hold the basket to the balloon, You might want to cut a few more and layer them to give strength . I did 3 layers so I cut 12 strips.

If you're doing this now is the time to glue the 3 strips together.

This is the time to put all your decorative panels on. 
Now glue the 4 strips equally around the basket 

Once everything is dry you can attach the 4 strips to the balloon. keep it level so that you don't have a wonky basket :)
I haven't put score marks on the strips, I left them off so you can decide how much space you want from the basket to the balloon.

You can add as much decoration as you want. Go mad, or keep it simple. Your choice!


Monday, 16 February 2015

3D Pirate Ship

Assembly instructions

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On your mat

Orange - main ship body
Light orange/yellow - inner base section and mast holders
Dark Blue - front 3 sided sail and the 'v' shaped part is for the correct angle of this sail as it fits to the lower end of the front mast
Purple - Front mast and sails
Light blue - Middle mast and sails
Grey - rear mast and sales
Red - rear 3 sided sail
Green - decorative panels
Black - rope ladders

Cut all your parts

First glue the base sections together they join to the crease line. the crease line is only a guide point and does not need a crease in it.. The back of the base which forms the back end of the ship needs to have the creases put in, fold the first one up the second one down and the 3rd one up.

Glue the sides to the base 1 at a time starting with the front panels and working you way back. I recommend a tacky glue or extra sticky double sided crafters tape for this.

Make the mast holders up into box like structures.. These now glue to the base with the holes in. poke the glue tabs through and glue them on the underside so that they cant be seen . do this with all three. 
Now make the 3 masts up.
Put your masts through the correct mast holder. and now open out the glue tabs on the base of the masts and dab some glue on them, dab glue to the this base section and glue it inside the ship, pressing down the masts to ensure a good bond at the base

Now put a curve in all your sails as you see in the image.
Use the image for your spacing and start with the middle mast and the bottom sail. and then the middle sail and then the top.

 now do the front and back mast the same way.

Now for the front sail
 make up the small mast that this sail hangs from and glue the thinner part of the 'v' section to it. there's one for each side. glue the sail in place on the section you have just made and this all now attaches to the front mast. Refer to the image for positioning.

Now the back sail. Make the small mast like you did for the front and glue the sail in place, and this just glues to the rear mast, glue it so that it's half and half over the rear mast check the images for positioning 

I haven't include any flags as the ones I used aren't for commercial use. 

Now add your decorative panels and any embellishments   you want and you have a pirate ship!

Secret Book Stack

Assembly Instructions
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On your mat

Dark orange - bottom book box
Light orange - Inside compartment of bottom book

Dark red - Top book box
Pink - inside compartment of top book

green - decorative panels

 Purple - edges of pages

Yellowy/orange - decorative corners (they were not used on the project in the pictures)

Build the bottom book box..

The large orange part is the main section, the sides come up to form the sides of the book box. and then there are glue tabs for the rectangle frame to glue to once the inside compartment has been put in.
Please note that there's is a slight curve on one of the sides, this is the right hand side of the box, it's to give an authentic effect of the pages curving inwards. so be sire to keep this side to the right, also I would put the curve into it too to make it easier for gluing in place.

So raise the 4 sides and glue them with the glue tabs going inside the box. 

The part on the left hand side of the main mart is for the rounded end of the book box. So put a curve in put a curve into this part by either wrapping it around something round or smoothing over the edge of the table. then fold the glue tabs inwards and they now glue to the left hand edge of the box. the tabs go long the edge inwards. 

Now glue all the for sides sections (light orange) of the inside compartment. then glue this to the inside of the book box. keeping it central and the glue tabs go outwards to the you cant see them when you open the book, unless you're putting decorative paper in there then in that case you can put them inwards instead.

fold the top glue tabs outwards to meet the other tabs and glue them over the top of the outer box tabs, then glue on the frame to add strength . 
 Now for the back cover which is the part on the far right of the main box (dark orange)

the score lines meet up with the edges of the  rounded edge or the box.
Now to glue in place. There is a glue tab on this part too this is for the front cover to attach to so when gluing the back onto the main box please be sure only to glue up to the last score line which is also the edge of the box. otherwise your front cover won't open.Now you have the back cover in place and it is dry, you can glue the front cover to it using the glue tab on the back cover. The front cover glues to the score line.

Now you have your bottom book box :)

Now do this all again for the top book!

Once youv'e completed both books you can now add your decorative papers 

Now to stack them. Please be aware that the top book will become the lid for the bottom book, and it will need to open. take not of the one in the image, this is the angle it needs to be to allow it to open without restriction :)
Now just glue it in place and you are done :) 

Monday, 9 February 2015

3D Table lamp 
Fairy design
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Assembly instruction are on this blog but I've added the link here 

 A table lamp with a fairy design.
It can be also purchase as a set with the flower clock. You will find it here

For use only with battery powered tealights or led lights.

Friday, 6 February 2015

3D Steampunk style Clock Box
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A clock with a box!

On your mat

Light green - main clock box
Dark Blue - Decorative panels
Orange - decoration and the circle is for the acetate for the front window

I have laid it out on the mat in the order that it will assemble

The clock box door is a sealed compartment for the clock hands. the clock motor sits on the back of the door. 

Cut out all your parts and print and cut your clock face

Build the door first

The edges are boxed to create the sealed enclosure for the clock.
Before you start building you will need to add your acetate window and then your clock print out keeping them lined up with the design on the front.
Fold all the edges in and glue them in place to create what will look like a frame.
Leave to dry

Now build the main box

All 4 sides have a front, this is the boxed section to give stability to the opening of the box where the door closes to.

Fold the edges in as you did for the door do this with all 4 parts. 

Now start gluing these together to build the box.
When you have done this glue in the rectangle frame to the front (the rectangle frame part is below to the left of side part, there's 2 of these one can be used for the door too if you feel it need more support)  

Glue the back in place this is just a rectangle part  in the middle of the mat

Now you need the rectangle part with the little hole cut out which is for the clock to go through.

add your decorative paper to both sides. 

On the right side (this is the side you will see when the door is closed)
Put your clock mechanism through the hole and secure it with the nut do not add the hands yet..
Add 2 layers of the multi cogs and gear part putting foam pads in between the layers to give a 3D effect. these layer fit over the clock that's poking out the front

Now you can add the hands.

When you are completely happy with how this looks then you can glue it to the door . Take a look at the fron and admire your great efforts, It looks great!! 

Add the hinge this is the part to the left of rectangle with the hole for the clock to fit through.

Then glue the door to the front of the box keeping it lined up so it opens and closes properly.

Now add the rest of the decorative panels and the clockwork decoration parts and any other things you want to add

3D Flower Clock

Purchase this design here

On your mat

The orange parts are for the inside sections of the petals, the sorter part is the bottom of the petal where it meets the clock face

The light pink parts are the outer edge of the flower, each one starts at where the petal meets the next. 

Glue the decorative paper the the inner section (orange parts) before making them up

Build the inner petal sections first and then attach them to the front flower shape (this is the one with a little hole for the clock mechanism to fit through) I put the glue tabs on the face (right side) of the flower shape but you can put them on the back if you prefer.

Once all 6 are in place add the back of the flower (this is the one with the square shape cut out for access to the clock)
So glue them all in place on the back part.

Once this is all dry you can start gluing the outer edge of the flower in place, it can be a bit fiddly so be patient and take your time, I would suggest either a very tacky glue or double sided tape (strong) for this part of the build. Each oblong section is for one petal

Print and cut your clock face

Add your decorative paper to the outer edge of your flower and the front and back too.
Glue the clock face in place on the front and then add your clock mechanism

Put on the fairies inside the petals and add your own decoration and embellishments

It can be free standing or it can hand on the wall :)

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

3D Shadow Box Lantern
Picking Flowers
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Little Birds 
Shadow Box Lantern
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  Assembly instructions can be found in our blog I have added the link here


Monday, 2 February 2015

3D Secret Book & The Witches Spell Book box
Assembly instructions
 Purchase the secret book box design here
and the witches spell book here

 When you open your file you will see everything laid out in order as to where the pieces go (the best I can anyway)

This is what you will see on your digi mat


Orange - Bottom book of the box
Red - upper book of box
Blue - Inner section of the box (the inside of the box) 
Green - book decorative panels
Purple - panels for the 'page edges' 

Cut all your parts
Then start assembling the bottom book section
 The oblong part with the on the top left of the mat is for the book rounded edge, put this in place once you have built the main sides up and added the framed edges to keep it square. 
Once you have put the rounded edge on then glue in place the part with the off center window (hole) this is the pretend front and back of the books as they are joined together.

Now assemble the upper book, this is the same as the bottom except there's not back to this part. Once you've built the sides up, add the rounded part as you did with the lower book, and then to off centre window piece.

Now with the first (lower book) glue the book back in place this is the part on the top right of the mat. it curves around the end. There are to score lines that line up with the rounded end. Glue the whole thing in place

Now do the top book, but only the glue the cover at the bottom where the 2 books are going to be glued together for now we'll glue it at the top later.

Glue in place the oblongs with the curved edges they go on the 2 ends of both the books to hide the rounded edges and give a sturdy feel to the box

Now you can glue both books together, making sure everything lines up so keep it neat.

Now assemble the inside of the box the blue parts.
Glue it in place inside the box. then glue the frame in place the neaten the look

Now add your decorative panels and any other embellishments you wish to add