Monday, 2 February 2015

3D Secret Book & The Witches Spell Book box
Assembly instructions
 Purchase the secret book box design here
and the witches spell book here

 When you open your file you will see everything laid out in order as to where the pieces go (the best I can anyway)

This is what you will see on your digi mat


Orange - Bottom book of the box
Red - upper book of box
Blue - Inner section of the box (the inside of the box) 
Green - book decorative panels
Purple - panels for the 'page edges' 

Cut all your parts
Then start assembling the bottom book section
 The oblong part with the on the top left of the mat is for the book rounded edge, put this in place once you have built the main sides up and added the framed edges to keep it square. 
Once you have put the rounded edge on then glue in place the part with the off center window (hole) this is the pretend front and back of the books as they are joined together.

Now assemble the upper book, this is the same as the bottom except there's not back to this part. Once you've built the sides up, add the rounded part as you did with the lower book, and then to off centre window piece.

Now with the first (lower book) glue the book back in place this is the part on the top right of the mat. it curves around the end. There are to score lines that line up with the rounded end. Glue the whole thing in place

Now do the top book, but only the glue the cover at the bottom where the 2 books are going to be glued together for now we'll glue it at the top later.

Glue in place the oblongs with the curved edges they go on the 2 ends of both the books to hide the rounded edges and give a sturdy feel to the box

Now you can glue both books together, making sure everything lines up so keep it neat.

Now assemble the inside of the box the blue parts.
Glue it in place inside the box. then glue the frame in place the neaten the look

Now add your decorative panels and any other embellishments you wish to add