Monday, 26 October 2015

Some new vinyl designs
Christmas and halloween

Christmas vinyl Let it Snow

Christmas Vinyl Merry Christmas

Halloween vinyl If you've got it.. Haunt it

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Christmas Templates
vinyl cutting board, wall art or window stickers

This one is 'Christmas Wishes'
I thought it's a nice one for a truly magical decoration in the home

 This one is called 'Fairy Dust'
Something very festive and the kids will love it

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Christmas Vinyl art

These can be placed almost anywhere you want, on the wall, on the window or on a glass cutting board, or even as a card topper

Have fun!

Monday, 12 October 2015

Snow Globe SVG Silhouette
Purchase this design here 

There's just something about Snow Globes that really gets us into Christmas.
So I thought I would design a Snow globe that you can use in your windows or for card decorations 
And I'm very pleased with this, I think it does give that snow globe experience even though it's only a silhouette  
I hope you like it :) 

Winter Forest Snow Globe

Saturday, 10 October 2015

3D Nativity Barn
Assembly instuctions 
 You can purchase this design here
 I've been wanting to make a traditional style nativity scene for a while but I wasn't getting the inspiration
Today I found that inspiration and have now created something very beautiful - even if I do say so myself :)

Assembly instructions

Below is an images of all the pieces which are labelled and to help guide you to assemble it along with the written instructions

My finsihed barn measured approx 
9"w x 5.5"dx9"h First of all cut out all your parts
Assemble the base box section first and then the right and left roof box sections and pop them to one side for later

Now assemble the main barn
Attach the sides to the front keeping the windows of the sides towards the front. then attach the back

now you have a 4 sided barn.

Glue in the layers starting with the back layer which you should cut from vellum, fold the tabs backwards and then slot it inside the barn and glue it to the sides 2.2" inches from the back, this allows room for battery powered tealights to sit behind the layer for that lovely glowing scene.

Then glue the front scene just in front of the vellum layer - I did mine halfway from the vellum and the front of the barn

Now to glue on one side of the roof.
Take the left roof section that you made earlier and line it up with the center of the top of the roof of the barn, then glue it in place so that the edge is lined up with that top point. The do the same with the right side of the roof, you will have a 'v' shaped gap at the top of the roof, this is covered by the 'roof covers' the one with the tabs is the first one to be glued in place and then the other ones goes on the other side of the roof and covers the tabs of the first one so now the roof is neat, then you can cover the front with a nice star when you have finished the barn.

You need 2 base of barn pieces, put one inside the barn, this will sit on top of the glue tabs that glue to the second base that goes on the outside of the base of the barn, this just keeps it as neat as possible inside

Once both bases are glued in place you can now glue it to the main base, I put mine central.

Then the 3 kings and shepherd parts glue with sticky pads on the front of the barn I used quite thick pads so that they stood away a little from the front, i only added the pads along the bottom of the parts.

I did the same with the Angels and then I added a star to the center front of the barn

It's a 3D barn construction what a flap on the back to allow you to put in you electronic lighting
It has 2 layers inside
1st layer (the one at the front) is the nativity scene Mary & Joseph.
the second layer sits just behind the front layer and is made from vellum (I used gold pearlescent vellum) with a delicate detail cut into it so that your lighting shines through as a soft glow making this nativity scene extra special 
For the box and layers I used a 22o (medium - heavy weight) gsm pearlescent cardstock

 This is the front view

The back view

Side view

More festive templates
Visit the shop 

I just can't resist the urge of creating festive designs
I hope you like them :) xx 


Tuesday, 6 October 2015

I love Christmas

I'm so excited about Christmas as always. 
So I start with a few festive embellishments for you

This one is a Holly Berry decoration
use is on your cards or as part of your festive decorations in the home, go mad!

And this is a nice Holly Branch
More to come soon.........

Visit the shop here

Thursday, 1 October 2015

More Halloween designs

Cute Pumpkins

 Use them to decorate your projects or the house for parties

Halloween Cutlery Holders

Great for Parties
You can also be used as a straw holder or filled with Halloween treats to give to those 'Trick or Treaters' .  not just for cutlery :)  

Mummy Style
 Spider Web style