Friday, 6 February 2015

3D Flower Clock

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On your mat

The orange parts are for the inside sections of the petals, the sorter part is the bottom of the petal where it meets the clock face

The light pink parts are the outer edge of the flower, each one starts at where the petal meets the next. 

Glue the decorative paper the the inner section (orange parts) before making them up

Build the inner petal sections first and then attach them to the front flower shape (this is the one with a little hole for the clock mechanism to fit through) I put the glue tabs on the face (right side) of the flower shape but you can put them on the back if you prefer.

Once all 6 are in place add the back of the flower (this is the one with the square shape cut out for access to the clock)
So glue them all in place on the back part.

Once this is all dry you can start gluing the outer edge of the flower in place, it can be a bit fiddly so be patient and take your time, I would suggest either a very tacky glue or double sided tape (strong) for this part of the build. Each oblong section is for one petal

Print and cut your clock face

Add your decorative paper to the outer edge of your flower and the front and back too.
Glue the clock face in place on the front and then add your clock mechanism

Put on the fairies inside the petals and add your own decoration and embellishments

It can be free standing or it can hand on the wall :)