Friday, 6 February 2015

3D Steampunk style Clock Box
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A clock with a box!

On your mat

Light green - main clock box
Dark Blue - Decorative panels
Orange - decoration and the circle is for the acetate for the front window

I have laid it out on the mat in the order that it will assemble

The clock box door is a sealed compartment for the clock hands. the clock motor sits on the back of the door. 

Cut out all your parts and print and cut your clock face

Build the door first

The edges are boxed to create the sealed enclosure for the clock.
Before you start building you will need to add your acetate window and then your clock print out keeping them lined up with the design on the front.
Fold all the edges in and glue them in place to create what will look like a frame.
Leave to dry

Now build the main box

All 4 sides have a front, this is the boxed section to give stability to the opening of the box where the door closes to.

Fold the edges in as you did for the door do this with all 4 parts. 

Now start gluing these together to build the box.
When you have done this glue in the rectangle frame to the front (the rectangle frame part is below to the left of side part, there's 2 of these one can be used for the door too if you feel it need more support)  

Glue the back in place this is just a rectangle part  in the middle of the mat

Now you need the rectangle part with the little hole cut out which is for the clock to go through.

add your decorative paper to both sides. 

On the right side (this is the side you will see when the door is closed)
Put your clock mechanism through the hole and secure it with the nut do not add the hands yet..
Add 2 layers of the multi cogs and gear part putting foam pads in between the layers to give a 3D effect. these layer fit over the clock that's poking out the front

Now you can add the hands.

When you are completely happy with how this looks then you can glue it to the door . Take a look at the fron and admire your great efforts, It looks great!! 

Add the hinge this is the part to the left of rectangle with the hole for the clock to fit through.

Then glue the door to the front of the box keeping it lined up so it opens and closes properly.

Now add the rest of the decorative panels and the clockwork decoration parts and any other things you want to add