Monday, 16 February 2015

3D Pirate Ship

Assembly instructions

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On your mat

Orange - main ship body
Light orange/yellow - inner base section and mast holders
Dark Blue - front 3 sided sail and the 'v' shaped part is for the correct angle of this sail as it fits to the lower end of the front mast
Purple - Front mast and sails
Light blue - Middle mast and sails
Grey - rear mast and sales
Red - rear 3 sided sail
Green - decorative panels
Black - rope ladders

Cut all your parts

First glue the base sections together they join to the crease line. the crease line is only a guide point and does not need a crease in it.. The back of the base which forms the back end of the ship needs to have the creases put in, fold the first one up the second one down and the 3rd one up.

Glue the sides to the base 1 at a time starting with the front panels and working you way back. I recommend a tacky glue or extra sticky double sided crafters tape for this.

Make the mast holders up into box like structures.. These now glue to the base with the holes in. poke the glue tabs through and glue them on the underside so that they cant be seen . do this with all three. 
Now make the 3 masts up.
Put your masts through the correct mast holder. and now open out the glue tabs on the base of the masts and dab some glue on them, dab glue to the this base section and glue it inside the ship, pressing down the masts to ensure a good bond at the base

Now put a curve in all your sails as you see in the image.
Use the image for your spacing and start with the middle mast and the bottom sail. and then the middle sail and then the top.

 now do the front and back mast the same way.

Now for the front sail
 make up the small mast that this sail hangs from and glue the thinner part of the 'v' section to it. there's one for each side. glue the sail in place on the section you have just made and this all now attaches to the front mast. Refer to the image for positioning.

Now the back sail. Make the small mast like you did for the front and glue the sail in place, and this just glues to the rear mast, glue it so that it's half and half over the rear mast check the images for positioning 

I haven't include any flags as the ones I used aren't for commercial use. 

Now add your decorative panels and any embellishments   you want and you have a pirate ship!