Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Autumn Leaves

It's a beautiful time of year with trees and plants bursting into Autumnal colours. 
Cold frosty mornings soon to follow although we've had an exceptionally mild September.

So with the fall season in mind I have created some pretty leaves for you to use in your seasonal projects

Autumn leaves selection set 1

Autumn leaves selection set 2

  Here's a link to this template My SVG HUT Leaves
Happy Autumn! 

Here's a few pictures I have taken from the area I live
Muncaster Castle Gardens Cumbria

This one is from Coxbench in Derbyshire near to my perents

Ennerdale Cumbria, North West Lake District

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Halloween designs
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Wine Glass Gift Box
Assembly instructions 

(Purchase this file here)

Dimensions of the box

8.5"H x 4.25"W x 4" D (front to back)
Below is an image of the pieces together on a digital cutting mat

First.. Cut all your pieces in your chosen card colours and decorative papers

Take the pieces labelled window side panels, decorative side panels (window sections) and the Acetate
Glue the Acetate to the back of the decorative window panels and the glue these to the main window panels this will keep the inside of the box neat 

Glue all the side panels together the 3 window panels are next to each other and also the plain ones are next to each other. 
  Take the base section, glue the 3 oblong sections to the hexagonal to make a walled base, this slots over and glues to the base of the box. then just slot inside the extra hexagonal part for neatness
Build the lid setion the same and add the decorative panel, , the lid just slots over the top of the box, it is not fixed into place.

There are 2 glass supports to choose from a  small and large hole. 
choose the one that fits your wine glass the best around the stem  then fold the tabs downwards and slot it over the stem (the hole goes around the stem to keep the glass secure in the gift box) , then slide the glass with this support into the gift box, making sure that the support tabs touch the bottom of the gift box, the top of the support should be just below the window as you can see in the image below