Friday, 30 January 2015

3D Birdcage
Assembly Instructions

You can purchase this design here

On your digital mat..
The brown parts - Main cage
Orange parts - Decorative panels

Cut all your parts in your choice of card

I used 280gsm Pearlescent white Stardream card for the whole Birdcage

 The dimensions of the cage

8" Wide
9" High
5.25" Depth (front to back)

On the top edge of the front, back and sides of the cage main parts I have made it so that it's a box section to re-enforce the structure.
So start with these parts. Fold over the box sections on each of these and glue them down to make the boxed edge for the top.

Now you have all these done you can glue the sides to the front and back to make the 4 sides up of the cage

Now make the roof section.

The top of the roof is in 3 parts to make it easier to assemble.
Make sure you curve these roof panels so that they attach easier for you
Start at one side, with the first roof section glue it in place keeping the 2 parts tight up against each other for the nice neat finish. Then the middle roof panel goes on next making sure the glue tabs go underneath the side roof panels so you don;t see them on the right side.

And then the last roof panel can be put in place

This then glue to the main cage that you have already made

Line the side glue tabs up with the main cage, so that the tab overlaps up to the score line.
 and now secure the font and back overlapping panels

So now you have the complete cage erected!

Now you can add the decorative panels and your own decorations and embellishments 

Monday, 26 January 2015

Pop Up Card London Theme
 Purchase this design here
assembly instructions

Cut all your parts

The layer with the wheel (London Eye) in the back layer then London bridge and then the buses

Slot each layer into the cut lines on the upper base and glue them in position one at a time.
When dry glue the upper base to the main base keeping everything lined up neatly


3D Mantle Clock
Assembly Instructions

Purchase this design here
You'll be please to see there's not many pieces to this design :)
On your mat..
Dark Orange - Main parts
Light Orange - Decorative parts
I used a real clock mechanism for mine but I have included hands for you to cut instead is you prefer 
The clock face is a print and cut

Cut all your parts...

Start by gluing the front to the side sections, when you have done the front do the back.
I glue the tabs on the face (right side of the front of the clack, this way it keeps it lovely and neat and your decorative panels hide the tabs in the end!)
Build your clock ready.

Glue the clock onto the inside of the front of the clock. keeping it central to the hole.

Now you can add the base section and then the decorative panels and to finish is of the outline border panels, and of course your own decorations that you might want.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

3D Jewellery / Keepsake Boxes
Assembly Instructions

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Cut all your parts

Red parts - main box
Grey parts - lid
cream parts - decorative panels
Purple parts - re- enforcing strips for top and bottom of main box
Dimensions are
7"W x 3.5" H x 5.5"  D

Make the lid first

Fold the creases to make the edges of the lid, I have created the returns so that 2 sections contact the lid for gluing to give extra stiffness. you will see this when you fold it round take make the boxed edge, so glue the last 2 sections on all the flaps and fold the little side flaps in and glue them too, when this is done glue the rectangle frame over the boxed edges to make it look neat

then glue the upper lid hinge in place this is the one with 2 score marks, it glues over the top of the lid and the 2 score marks fold over the side on of the score sections glues to the lid, the other one glues to the box and this will be done last

Now for the main box

 Put a curve in to all the 4 sides in the area that is arched outwards. this will create the shape of the box and make it much easier to glue to each other.

I recommend you use an extra tack double sided tape for this part, it will be easier and quicker.

Fold the top edges over like you did for the lid, there is only one contact glue point for these boxed edges instead of the 2 that you have for the lid

Glue them all down and fold the glue tabs on the 2 parts of the sides that have them. 
Put your sticky tape along both edges of the 2 parts that don't have the tabs

Start at the top of the box, line up the box section and stick the tabs down to the outside (right side), carry on along the edge keeping the sides butted up together and presssing the glue tabs firmly in place, by gluing the tabs on the right side it make it easier to keep the 2 parts lined up and also the tabs will be hidden by the decorative paper in the end!

Do this with all 4 sides.

Now you have glued all 4 sides, put double sided tape right around the outside of the bottom and the top of the box, This will keep the corners in tight and make them neat also.

Then put the re- enforcing strips along the top and bottom of the box.
The re- enforcing strips are the area where you see the lace in the image below, you will see that's it's the top and bottom of the main box

Now glue the base panel in and then the square from for the top to make it neat on the top of the box as you see in the image below.

Glue the ribbon for lifting the lid to the top of the lid and then glue your decorative paper over it so it's hidden.

There's also another base section that fits inside the box for more strength. and also the glue tabs are hidden in the bottom

add your decorative panels and any fancy embellishments to finish it off

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Valentines Gift box
For 2 Lindt Chocolate Bars 
measuring 3" x 6.25"

Assembly Instructions

On the front flap is a window, you can see it in the pic on the bottom left of the image above. The second 2 doors/flaps have the same heart but filled in in the middle so it shows through the window on the front.
These 2 doors open to reveal the chocolate bars
This gift box is specifically designed for chocolate bars that measure 3" x 6.25" x 0.5" or less, I used the Lindt bars as you can see in the image as these seem to be widely available and also popular.

On your mat you will see

Purple pieces - the sections for the bars
Red pieces - main front and back of box
Yellow - the 2 inner doors
Green - Decorative paper parts
And the 2 hearts
1 without a middle is for the front of the box and the other os for the inner doors

Assemble the section for the bars first.
Make sure when you've got it on your mat ready to cut the front box panel (the red part on the top left of the mat) measures 7.895" w x 7.792"h. this is important for the bars to fit the sections you make

Then attach the main box 2 parts together, the front is the larger part as it overlaps the base, the overlap part goes underneath the section for the bars
the base of the box lines up with the second score line on the front (the last score line) Make sure you keep the overlap to the inside 

Glue in place the chocolate bar section, this sits central on the back panel
and then glue the 2 doors in place as you see in the image below. the heart is only glued to the left door 

On the front you can attach your decorative panel and also your acetate (this is the same size at the decorative panel so you can use the same template

Glue them together then glue it to the front of the box

And then add the heart decoration. You will have little flowers that come from cutting the heart out use them up on your design, scatter them over the box etc.

There's little slits on the 2 ends that meet together when the box is closed, you can put a ribbon through it to keep it closed

Add your chocolate if you haven't eaten it already and it's ready to give as a gift!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

London Bus
Assembly Instructions

Purchase this design here

Before you start this project read the instructions

Orange parts are the main bus
Red parts decorative lanels
Green - wheels and 1 wheel extension for the front near side

pink - wheel arches - 3 normal and 1 for the front near side
grey - grill in front of bonnet

This is quite a complext design so be patient, read the instructions and check the image for extra help

Cut all your parts, they have been laid out so that you can understand what goes where.

1st make the wheel arches. all 4 and then make the engine. it has a top and 2 sides with glue tabs that go underneath for gluing to the main base

then assemble the grill and glue it in place.

Now assemble the front right hand side 
see image..

You need the orange part that is to the right of the pink wheel parts on your mat, and the right hand side of the bus panel (the orange one) which is on the right hand side of the base on the mat.
You see where the window is on the image,   the window goes in line with the side windows, The glue tabs are to go to the right side) glue it up and round till the end tab is flush with the front as this front tab will glue to the front panel of the bus.
Now for the orange piece that's on the bottom left side of the mat

This glues in line with the window on the last panel you glued in place. the glue tab that joins window to window is very narrow, so make sure you have let the glue take hold. then attach these two part at the top, it's a bit fiddly so take your time - no rush!

So you can now put the front on to this part you are working on, so you will have the right side and the front cmpleted

Now to go to the back of this same part your working on
see image

 This is what we are putting in now. it glues to the side of the bus and then the back panel can be addded

 Now glue in place the wheel arches for the right side. make sure you keep them free from sight of the outside, the archer are slightly bigger than the arch cut outs so you should be fine, but just keep checking. when putting the front one in the glue tabs stop at the edge and then to mudgaurd comes forward, check images for reference.

Glue the engine in place, the grill part stick out the front so when gluing make sure the front panle tabs sit nicely behind the grill piece.

make sure you have dabbed glue onto the other tabs too from those inner window parts.
 Glues the other side of the bus on and the last 2 wheel arches.
At this stage you should have all the sides and the front and back glued in place, so you are just ready for the top!
So glue the top on and you can add the decorative panels.
I have included the number 47 route (print and cut which is part of the file) but you can do it however you wish. I have also added the Jacobs advert again just print it off and cut it out :)
Lastly add the wheels, keep them level or you'll have a rocking bus !
The London Transport text was cut out of gold mirri board. 
The bus stands 5" High and 9" long and 3" Wide
This was my preference but you can re size it to what ever you'd prefer it to be
This was going to be a gift bow, however it was complicated enough so I left it as just a bus (for now)

Monday, 19 January 2015

3D Vintage Car Gift box

Assembly instructions

The parts on the digi mat have been laid out to make it easier for you to know which pieces go where

Cut all your parts,

Start with the car box base. the green parts

They are laid out in order so follow the order

Now make top of the box. The blue parts

Start with the car sides and glue the back panel in place then the sides of the engine, so you now have all the side panels of the car glued together

Glue the bonnet on and then the roof , keep everything square so that it fits on the base

Now you can glue the decorative parts on the pale pink parts

When the top is dry put it on the base and draw with pencil around the rear wheel arch onto the base

Now take the top back off.
Use this line s your guide to glue the rear wheel arch on

The front wheel arch is going to be a little tricky to explain.. Bare with me I will include images to help

The wheel arch sections are light blue

You will see that you have 2 rows of parts that are the same there are 11 for each front arch.

put glue onto the oblong that is with those pieces. leaving about 1 cm without glue  as this is going to glue onto the running board on the main base (the bit that's sticking out) to join the wheel arches up

Now each of those 11 pieces need to be glued onto your oblong that you have just spread glue onto.
Kepping them all the same way start at the front end the straight edge is at the end with the curved edge inwards, glue it to cover the arch. Now dab a bit of glue onto the edge of the piece you have just glued but only on the area thats glued tot he arch, do not put any glue on the length of these 11 parts, just to glue them to the arch

Put the second one on overlapping it by a quarter (approx) and repeat the process untill you have all 11 peice on the arch with 1 cm spare for attaching tot he running board

do the other side remembering to make a pair!

When they are completley dry you can manipulate them into place. 

Fold the 11 parts down to starts the form of the wheel arch, and then curve them outwards so that they will go under the car base

Once you've got the shape formed now curve the actual arch as it need to go around the wheel on the front., all this makes it easier to glue it nto place

You will see that the 11 pieces are now starting to overlap each other allowing you to make a nice shaped wheel arch.

Make the wheel axles

the dark pink parts

one for the front and one for the back

Now back to the front wheel arch

The arch come forward of the car just a little bit you can see this on the images.

cover the bottom of the base on the front area for the arches to glue in place.

You have to manipulate the arch into place, making sure all the bits go to the base of the box none of them should come out the front, the sweep back and overlap, - see image

hold in place until dry enough to let it go without it coming free, now do the otherside the same, once dry put the second base on to hide all the bits. If you feel you can trim the bits before gluing then that's fine, I'm just trying to make it as simple as possible.

The axles next
glue them tot he bottom keeping them central and in the correct place in relation to the wheel arches

let them dry and make the wheels up. large circle is the wheel base the next one is the tyre and the other one is the spokes

when dry glue onto the axles keeping them level with each other.
Finally add the bumper and you are finished
Add your decoration etc and you have a vintage car gift box