Wednesday, 29 October 2014

New Christmas cards 
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Monday, 27 October 2014

Mini Lanterns
To fit onto existing fairy lights 

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Assembly instructions

You have 5 parts to this design
Roof, back panel, window frame, window surround and main house

first glue the window frame to the surround and then glue that to the main house part with the hole for the window.
The main house part folds into 3 making the front and both sides.
Now glue the back panel onto the main house, let everything dry well then attach the roof.
You will see there's a small hole in the roof and also one in the back panel. These are where you poke your fairy lights through, the holes in the roof are for hanging lanterns on your tree or arch ways and the ones in the back ore for standing lanterns such as on the mantle or a shelf etc so you have a choice

Happy Crafting! x


Thursday, 23 October 2014

3D layered Box Cards

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Ballerina design 

 BMX Design

Clockwork Steampunk Design

Assembly instructions for these cards can be found on our blog pages (Oct 2014 3D Layered Card assembly Instructions)

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

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Assembly instructions

First of all cut all you pieces.

Start with putting the windows/door surrounds onto the sides and the front and back of the house parts, these are the parts in the images below
If you;re adding vellum then this is to be done at this stage also, but don't cover the 2 candle access large arched holes. Now glue all 4 panels together, the front is the one with the rectangle hole in the front in between the window levels, this is for the balcony to slot into which also acts as a floor level allowing a candle to be stood in so you can have a choice of upstair lighting and/or douwnstair lighting

Now glue the roof together (image of the roof sections below the Square section is the base of the house, this is to be done later in the stages)

You can build your annex now, but first glue the window surround and window frame in place, don;t attach to the roof yet though

Make the 3D section base and the Balcony level and the decorative pillars. The 4 large pillars are the ground level and the smaller ones are the balcony level, the other piece it to fit under the roof panel to give a flat surface for your pillars to glue to and also adds a great effect to the visual effect of the finishes Town House

Now carefully put the balcony in place, Slot it through the front of the house in the rectangle slot, pop a bit of glue on the back edge of the balcony floor section so it adheres to the back of the house to give it rigidity.
 Now glue the roof in place

Now you can glue the section that will fit under the roof that will give you a flat edge, it's a bit fiddly hold it in place until the glue is dry enough to hold it.

Now you can glue on the square base to the Town House. and then once that is dry glue that to the 3D base, gluing the house towards the back of the base to allow for room on the front for the pillars to go, about the same distance to the front that you have the balcony coming through.

Now you can put the pillars in place spacing them evenly  making sure you have one in each front corner.
Now you can put the annex on, glue it in position use the images on here to gauge where it goes :)
That's it, that's your Town House 

Monday, 20 October 2014

3D layered card
Assembly Instructions

And other layered card designs

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Assembly instructions

First of all cut out  all your components.

The large rectangle is the back and sides with 2 narrow tabs to attach the front frame.
Fold at the dotted lines and attach the frame with glue or tape

All the inner layers have narrow tabs to attach them inside the box you have now created.

Staring with the back layer glue the tabs and put it on place allow to dry before adding the next layer, the tabs are a guide to the distance between each layer, although you can spread them further apart if you wish.
Some of our cards like the one in the image are designed to be placed in front of a light source or on a window sill to allow natural light to shine behind.
This brings the card to life, giving it a beautiful silhouette scene , for the card colour I recommend either white, off white or cream, you can use pale colours also which can enhance the result of your project


Halloween style

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Assembly instructions

You may need to re size the file. I reduced it by 75% for download purposes
As a guide the box measures when made up is 11.5” wide x 11.5” high x 2.5” deep
 The light pink pieces are the main box components as shown below


 The darker pink parts are for the patterned paper decoration which cover the main parts of the box


 The orange coloured parts ore the inserts to the inside sections of the box to give a patterned background 

First of all cut everything including your choice of decorative/patterned paper

 Now glue all your patterned paper parts to the main parts

And now glue the inserts in place using the front frame as your guide to put them in the correct position

 Make up all your boxes that will form the sections inside the shadow box. And now carefully glue them to the front frame making sure you keep all the tabs within the frame otherwise you will see it from the front

 Once you have glued all these boxes in place glue the flaps that overlap each other for extra rigidity.

 Now glue the sides of the shadow box in place, I usually do one at a time, but you might find an easier way for you.. Once you have got all the 4 sides on then turn the box over to the back and glue the tabs that are overlapping on the 4 edges/sides of the shadow box.  Now you are ready to attach the back of the shadow box. Just glue it in place and now you are ready to add whatever you want to your shelves or more decorations if you wish

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Halloween Faces 

Available by clicking HERE

12 different faces for you to use on your own projects

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Christmas Advent 
Swiss Cottage

 Advent House

Assembly Instructions
First cut all the parts, don’t forget that some of the parts will be for your choice of patterned paper to stick to the main part (these patterned paper parts have no tabs so it should be obvious which are which)

First assemble the 24 boxes to go inside some of the windows, they have a little square that you’ll need to stick to the back of the boxes too which is the back of the little box. Leave them to dry and now stick all the patterned panels to the main panels.
Stick the window frames in place and vellum on those that have no ‘door’ the vellum sticks on the inside and the frames go on the outside.
The windows with openings are the ones you will use for your advent boxes (24) so aligned your boxes on the back of these windows and glue them in place. Let them dry.

Now assemble the roof, glue  both large roof panels together. Add the snow effect to the very top of the roof  before you put the annexes on, the annexes just glue together and attach with the tops all at the same height , be sure to keep them straight though. Otherwise you’ll end up with a wonky annexes. Now add the rest of the snow.

Now go back to the main house and glue all the sides together let dry then you can add the roof, make sure you keep it aligned so that the base sits square but put the base on last, there’s a hole in the base so you can stand the house over a tea light (battery operated only)

Make sure the house sits perfectly on the base, this will keep it all aligned nicely.

I cut the 24 numbers out of glitter card, but you can choose how to add yours.

Finally add the arch over the door, it only has 3 sides to make it easy to glue.

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 US Mail Box Design
Assembly Instructions
You will see that the main parts have been coded for your benefit.

First of all cut all the parts you will see that you will need to cut 2 of some of the they are marked with x2 and for those just needing the 1 part they have been marked x1

So, now you have all your bit s you’re ready to get glueing. You can use either glue or double sided sticky tape, it doesn’t matter which.
Firstly glue Pat 3 this is the main body of the mailbox, glue the small perforated side to the otherside making the basic shape of your mailbox. Next glue the patterned paper mail box top and side to Pat 3 making sure you line up the perforated lines, then glue the pattened paper mailbox bottom to the base of your mailbox.

Now glue your patterned paper lip for lid ends to Pat 1 this will give you a nice border when you close the ends of the mail box.
Then, glue pat 1 to pat 2 keeping it neat I glued it so that the tabs went over the outer side of pat 2 (you won’t see it once the patterned paper is glued to the ends) it makes it easier to glue it that way as you have a edge to butt It up to.
Do this for both ends..
Now glue pat 2s to each end of pat 3 using the tab at the bottom, making sure to put the tab inside the mailbox and also keeping the lip in the outside for closing. Finally glue your patterned paper to the ends and add your ribbon or embellishments to you new project, please refer to the images on our Etsy page as an easy guide with these instructions

Once you have done all that don’t forget to attach your flag for mail collection

Have fun and enjoy

 You can purchase this project by following the Mailbox link

Friday, 17 October 2014

Welcome to My SVG HUT blog.

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