Monday, 16 February 2015

Secret Book Stack

Assembly Instructions
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On your mat

Dark orange - bottom book box
Light orange - Inside compartment of bottom book

Dark red - Top book box
Pink - inside compartment of top book

green - decorative panels

 Purple - edges of pages

Yellowy/orange - decorative corners (they were not used on the project in the pictures)

Build the bottom book box..

The large orange part is the main section, the sides come up to form the sides of the book box. and then there are glue tabs for the rectangle frame to glue to once the inside compartment has been put in.
Please note that there's is a slight curve on one of the sides, this is the right hand side of the box, it's to give an authentic effect of the pages curving inwards. so be sire to keep this side to the right, also I would put the curve into it too to make it easier for gluing in place.

So raise the 4 sides and glue them with the glue tabs going inside the box. 

The part on the left hand side of the main mart is for the rounded end of the book box. So put a curve in put a curve into this part by either wrapping it around something round or smoothing over the edge of the table. then fold the glue tabs inwards and they now glue to the left hand edge of the box. the tabs go long the edge inwards. 

Now glue all the for sides sections (light orange) of the inside compartment. then glue this to the inside of the book box. keeping it central and the glue tabs go outwards to the you cant see them when you open the book, unless you're putting decorative paper in there then in that case you can put them inwards instead.

fold the top glue tabs outwards to meet the other tabs and glue them over the top of the outer box tabs, then glue on the frame to add strength . 
 Now for the back cover which is the part on the far right of the main box (dark orange)

the score lines meet up with the edges of the  rounded edge or the box.
Now to glue in place. There is a glue tab on this part too this is for the front cover to attach to so when gluing the back onto the main box please be sure only to glue up to the last score line which is also the edge of the box. otherwise your front cover won't open.Now you have the back cover in place and it is dry, you can glue the front cover to it using the glue tab on the back cover. The front cover glues to the score line.

Now you have your bottom book box :)

Now do this all again for the top book!

Once youv'e completed both books you can now add your decorative papers 

Now to stack them. Please be aware that the top book will become the lid for the bottom book, and it will need to open. take not of the one in the image, this is the angle it needs to be to allow it to open without restriction :)
Now just glue it in place and you are done :)