Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year!

To you all
Have a great evening whatever you choose to do and wherever you are
Love and hugs to you.

I raise my glass with you all for a Happy, healthy and peaceful 2016 


Monday, 14 December 2015

3D folding card
Elegant Skater

 Instructions for making this style card is in the previous post :)

There's room in the bottom of this card to put electronic lighting such as a tea light etc, this adds another exciting view of the card when daylight falls.


Sunday, 13 December 2015

3D folding cards
 assembly Instructions

Here's the instrcutions for this style card
They all go toegther the same so don;t worry if the one in the image is not the same as the one you purchased

Above this is typically what you will see on your digital cutting mat 

Cut all your pices
Dimensions for the finished card that I made are
(folded flat) 8" H x 5.7"W
(opened out) 8" high x 2.85" x 2.85"
But you can cut it to be whatever size you want it to be or your card will allow

Card weight used was 280gsm for all peices
I used stardream pearl for all the card and Mirri board for the front decorative panel and a thin glitter paper for the inner decorative back panel ,I didn;t use the outer decorative back panel because it was pearlescent card so it looked nice anyway

Once you have cut all the pieces take the front panel and glue the front decorative panel in place leave a moment to dry
Now fold the front in half along the dotted lines and then fold the glue tabs inwards
Get the back panel and fold that in half too, now glue the back panel to the front keeping it lined up (the glue tabs go to the inside of back panel )

Now apply glue (or sticky tape) to the inner decorative panel. Now slide it up inside the card and secure it to the back panel this hides the glue tabs on the back panel

Take the scene layer 1 and fold the glue tabs forward and back so that they are creased both ways then open them flat

dab glue onto the front of the left hand tab and the back of the right hand tob

Keeping the card in the closed position with the windows upwards , slide the layer up inside  the base of the card until the scene appears through the window and the glue tabs are below the bottom of the window., center and make sure it's level and then press down on the card and leave a moment to dry

Now take your cross layer and fold the tabs as you did for the scene layer
dab glue to the back of the left tab and the front of the right tab
Slide it up into the base of the card keeping the left hand side underneath the scene layer and the right hand side above the scene layer and then slot them together. push it up as far as it will go, make sure it's level and then press down on the card again as before to secure the cross layer in place

Add any of your own decorations or greeting and the card is ready 

You can sit the card over an electronic tea light of other electronic lighting for a lovely affect  

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