Tuesday, 17 February 2015

3D Hot Air Balloon

Assembly Instructions below
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On your mat

Pale Yellow - Main balloon sections x 6
Red - Decorative panel sections for main balloon x 6 and basket
Darker Yellow - Basket sides and bottom
Purple - Strips (ropes) that hold the basket to the balloon

Dimensions - 
Overall height 17"
Width - 8"

Cut all your parts.

Assemble the balloon first. keeping the glue tabs to the outside of each panel this will make it easier to assemble

Now build the basket. I have designed it so that it folds in half to create a double layer to add stiffness. so fold it in half and glue it down. The put a curve into it so that it's easier to glue to the base, glue it to the base with the tabs to the bottom of the base, these will be covered with the second base you have cut out. Once you have glued to the first base you can then glue the second base to the underneath to hide the glue tabs 

The thin oblong strips are the parts that hold the basket to the balloon, You might want to cut a few more and layer them to give strength . I did 3 layers so I cut 12 strips.

If you're doing this now is the time to glue the 3 strips together.

This is the time to put all your decorative panels on. 
Now glue the 4 strips equally around the basket 

Once everything is dry you can attach the 4 strips to the balloon. keep it level so that you don't have a wonky basket :)
I haven't put score marks on the strips, I left them off so you can decide how much space you want from the basket to the balloon.

You can add as much decoration as you want. Go mad, or keep it simple. Your choice!