Saturday, 24 January 2015

3D Jewellery / Keepsake Boxes
Assembly Instructions

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Cut all your parts

Red parts - main box
Grey parts - lid
cream parts - decorative panels
Purple parts - re- enforcing strips for top and bottom of main box
Dimensions are
7"W x 3.5" H x 5.5"  D

Make the lid first

Fold the creases to make the edges of the lid, I have created the returns so that 2 sections contact the lid for gluing to give extra stiffness. you will see this when you fold it round take make the boxed edge, so glue the last 2 sections on all the flaps and fold the little side flaps in and glue them too, when this is done glue the rectangle frame over the boxed edges to make it look neat

then glue the upper lid hinge in place this is the one with 2 score marks, it glues over the top of the lid and the 2 score marks fold over the side on of the score sections glues to the lid, the other one glues to the box and this will be done last

Now for the main box

 Put a curve in to all the 4 sides in the area that is arched outwards. this will create the shape of the box and make it much easier to glue to each other.

I recommend you use an extra tack double sided tape for this part, it will be easier and quicker.

Fold the top edges over like you did for the lid, there is only one contact glue point for these boxed edges instead of the 2 that you have for the lid

Glue them all down and fold the glue tabs on the 2 parts of the sides that have them. 
Put your sticky tape along both edges of the 2 parts that don't have the tabs

Start at the top of the box, line up the box section and stick the tabs down to the outside (right side), carry on along the edge keeping the sides butted up together and presssing the glue tabs firmly in place, by gluing the tabs on the right side it make it easier to keep the 2 parts lined up and also the tabs will be hidden by the decorative paper in the end!

Do this with all 4 sides.

Now you have glued all 4 sides, put double sided tape right around the outside of the bottom and the top of the box, This will keep the corners in tight and make them neat also.

Then put the re- enforcing strips along the top and bottom of the box.
The re- enforcing strips are the area where you see the lace in the image below, you will see that's it's the top and bottom of the main box

Now glue the base panel in and then the square from for the top to make it neat on the top of the box as you see in the image below.

Glue the ribbon for lifting the lid to the top of the lid and then glue your decorative paper over it so it's hidden.

There's also another base section that fits inside the box for more strength. and also the glue tabs are hidden in the bottom

add your decorative panels and any fancy embellishments to finish it off