Friday, 30 January 2015

3D Birdcage
Assembly Instructions

You can purchase this design here

On your digital mat..
The brown parts - Main cage
Orange parts - Decorative panels

Cut all your parts in your choice of card

I used 280gsm Pearlescent white Stardream card for the whole Birdcage

 The dimensions of the cage

8" Wide
9" High
5.25" Depth (front to back)

On the top edge of the front, back and sides of the cage main parts I have made it so that it's a box section to re-enforce the structure.
So start with these parts. Fold over the box sections on each of these and glue them down to make the boxed edge for the top.

Now you have all these done you can glue the sides to the front and back to make the 4 sides up of the cage

Now make the roof section.

The top of the roof is in 3 parts to make it easier to assemble.
Make sure you curve these roof panels so that they attach easier for you
Start at one side, with the first roof section glue it in place keeping the 2 parts tight up against each other for the nice neat finish. Then the middle roof panel goes on next making sure the glue tabs go underneath the side roof panels so you don;t see them on the right side.

And then the last roof panel can be put in place

This then glue to the main cage that you have already made

Line the side glue tabs up with the main cage, so that the tab overlaps up to the score line.
 and now secure the font and back overlapping panels

So now you have the complete cage erected!

Now you can add the decorative panels and your own decorations and embellishments