Wednesday, 21 January 2015

London Bus
Assembly Instructions

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Before you start this project read the instructions

Orange parts are the main bus
Red parts decorative lanels
Green - wheels and 1 wheel extension for the front near side

pink - wheel arches - 3 normal and 1 for the front near side
grey - grill in front of bonnet

This is quite a complext design so be patient, read the instructions and check the image for extra help

Cut all your parts, they have been laid out so that you can understand what goes where.

1st make the wheel arches. all 4 and then make the engine. it has a top and 2 sides with glue tabs that go underneath for gluing to the main base

then assemble the grill and glue it in place.

Now assemble the front right hand side 
see image..

You need the orange part that is to the right of the pink wheel parts on your mat, and the right hand side of the bus panel (the orange one) which is on the right hand side of the base on the mat.
You see where the window is on the image,   the window goes in line with the side windows, The glue tabs are to go to the right side) glue it up and round till the end tab is flush with the front as this front tab will glue to the front panel of the bus.
Now for the orange piece that's on the bottom left side of the mat

This glues in line with the window on the last panel you glued in place. the glue tab that joins window to window is very narrow, so make sure you have let the glue take hold. then attach these two part at the top, it's a bit fiddly so take your time - no rush!

So you can now put the front on to this part you are working on, so you will have the right side and the front cmpleted

Now to go to the back of this same part your working on
see image

 This is what we are putting in now. it glues to the side of the bus and then the back panel can be addded

 Now glue in place the wheel arches for the right side. make sure you keep them free from sight of the outside, the archer are slightly bigger than the arch cut outs so you should be fine, but just keep checking. when putting the front one in the glue tabs stop at the edge and then to mudgaurd comes forward, check images for reference.

Glue the engine in place, the grill part stick out the front so when gluing make sure the front panle tabs sit nicely behind the grill piece.

make sure you have dabbed glue onto the other tabs too from those inner window parts.
 Glues the other side of the bus on and the last 2 wheel arches.
At this stage you should have all the sides and the front and back glued in place, so you are just ready for the top!
So glue the top on and you can add the decorative panels.
I have included the number 47 route (print and cut which is part of the file) but you can do it however you wish. I have also added the Jacobs advert again just print it off and cut it out :)
Lastly add the wheels, keep them level or you'll have a rocking bus !
The London Transport text was cut out of gold mirri board. 
The bus stands 5" High and 9" long and 3" Wide
This was my preference but you can re size it to what ever you'd prefer it to be
This was going to be a gift bow, however it was complicated enough so I left it as just a bus (for now)