Monday, 26 January 2015

3D Mantle Clock
Assembly Instructions

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You'll be please to see there's not many pieces to this design :)
On your mat..
Dark Orange - Main parts
Light Orange - Decorative parts
I used a real clock mechanism for mine but I have included hands for you to cut instead is you prefer 
The clock face is a print and cut

Cut all your parts...

Start by gluing the front to the side sections, when you have done the front do the back.
I glue the tabs on the face (right side of the front of the clack, this way it keeps it lovely and neat and your decorative panels hide the tabs in the end!)
Build your clock ready.

Glue the clock onto the inside of the front of the clock. keeping it central to the hole.

Now you can add the base section and then the decorative panels and to finish is of the outline border panels, and of course your own decorations that you might want.