Monday, 19 January 2015

3D Vintage Car Gift box

Assembly instructions

The parts on the digi mat have been laid out to make it easier for you to know which pieces go where

Cut all your parts,

Start with the car box base. the green parts

They are laid out in order so follow the order

Now make top of the box. The blue parts

Start with the car sides and glue the back panel in place then the sides of the engine, so you now have all the side panels of the car glued together

Glue the bonnet on and then the roof , keep everything square so that it fits on the base

Now you can glue the decorative parts on the pale pink parts

When the top is dry put it on the base and draw with pencil around the rear wheel arch onto the base

Now take the top back off.
Use this line s your guide to glue the rear wheel arch on

The front wheel arch is going to be a little tricky to explain.. Bare with me I will include images to help

The wheel arch sections are light blue

You will see that you have 2 rows of parts that are the same there are 11 for each front arch.

put glue onto the oblong that is with those pieces. leaving about 1 cm without glue  as this is going to glue onto the running board on the main base (the bit that's sticking out) to join the wheel arches up

Now each of those 11 pieces need to be glued onto your oblong that you have just spread glue onto.
Kepping them all the same way start at the front end the straight edge is at the end with the curved edge inwards, glue it to cover the arch. Now dab a bit of glue onto the edge of the piece you have just glued but only on the area thats glued tot he arch, do not put any glue on the length of these 11 parts, just to glue them to the arch

Put the second one on overlapping it by a quarter (approx) and repeat the process untill you have all 11 peice on the arch with 1 cm spare for attaching tot he running board

do the other side remembering to make a pair!

When they are completley dry you can manipulate them into place. 

Fold the 11 parts down to starts the form of the wheel arch, and then curve them outwards so that they will go under the car base

Once you've got the shape formed now curve the actual arch as it need to go around the wheel on the front., all this makes it easier to glue it nto place

You will see that the 11 pieces are now starting to overlap each other allowing you to make a nice shaped wheel arch.

Make the wheel axles

the dark pink parts

one for the front and one for the back

Now back to the front wheel arch

The arch come forward of the car just a little bit you can see this on the images.

cover the bottom of the base on the front area for the arches to glue in place.

You have to manipulate the arch into place, making sure all the bits go to the base of the box none of them should come out the front, the sweep back and overlap, - see image

hold in place until dry enough to let it go without it coming free, now do the otherside the same, once dry put the second base on to hide all the bits. If you feel you can trim the bits before gluing then that's fine, I'm just trying to make it as simple as possible.

The axles next
glue them tot he bottom keeping them central and in the correct place in relation to the wheel arches

let them dry and make the wheels up. large circle is the wheel base the next one is the tyre and the other one is the spokes

when dry glue onto the axles keeping them level with each other.
Finally add the bumper and you are finished
Add your decoration etc and you have a vintage car gift box