Thursday, 22 January 2015

Valentines Gift box
For 2 Lindt Chocolate Bars 
measuring 3" x 6.25"

Assembly Instructions

On the front flap is a window, you can see it in the pic on the bottom left of the image above. The second 2 doors/flaps have the same heart but filled in in the middle so it shows through the window on the front.
These 2 doors open to reveal the chocolate bars
This gift box is specifically designed for chocolate bars that measure 3" x 6.25" x 0.5" or less, I used the Lindt bars as you can see in the image as these seem to be widely available and also popular.

On your mat you will see

Purple pieces - the sections for the bars
Red pieces - main front and back of box
Yellow - the 2 inner doors
Green - Decorative paper parts
And the 2 hearts
1 without a middle is for the front of the box and the other os for the inner doors

Assemble the section for the bars first.
Make sure when you've got it on your mat ready to cut the front box panel (the red part on the top left of the mat) measures 7.895" w x 7.792"h. this is important for the bars to fit the sections you make

Then attach the main box 2 parts together, the front is the larger part as it overlaps the base, the overlap part goes underneath the section for the bars
the base of the box lines up with the second score line on the front (the last score line) Make sure you keep the overlap to the inside 

Glue in place the chocolate bar section, this sits central on the back panel
and then glue the 2 doors in place as you see in the image below. the heart is only glued to the left door 

On the front you can attach your decorative panel and also your acetate (this is the same size at the decorative panel so you can use the same template

Glue them together then glue it to the front of the box

And then add the heart decoration. You will have little flowers that come from cutting the heart out use them up on your design, scatter them over the box etc.

There's little slits on the 2 ends that meet together when the box is closed, you can put a ribbon through it to keep it closed

Add your chocolate if you haven't eaten it already and it's ready to give as a gift!