Saturday, 18 October 2014

Christmas Advent 
Swiss Cottage

 Advent House

Assembly Instructions
First cut all the parts, don’t forget that some of the parts will be for your choice of patterned paper to stick to the main part (these patterned paper parts have no tabs so it should be obvious which are which)

First assemble the 24 boxes to go inside some of the windows, they have a little square that you’ll need to stick to the back of the boxes too which is the back of the little box. Leave them to dry and now stick all the patterned panels to the main panels.
Stick the window frames in place and vellum on those that have no ‘door’ the vellum sticks on the inside and the frames go on the outside.
The windows with openings are the ones you will use for your advent boxes (24) so aligned your boxes on the back of these windows and glue them in place. Let them dry.

Now assemble the roof, glue  both large roof panels together. Add the snow effect to the very top of the roof  before you put the annexes on, the annexes just glue together and attach with the tops all at the same height , be sure to keep them straight though. Otherwise you’ll end up with a wonky annexes. Now add the rest of the snow.

Now go back to the main house and glue all the sides together let dry then you can add the roof, make sure you keep it aligned so that the base sits square but put the base on last, there’s a hole in the base so you can stand the house over a tea light (battery operated only)

Make sure the house sits perfectly on the base, this will keep it all aligned nicely.

I cut the 24 numbers out of glitter card, but you can choose how to add yours.

Finally add the arch over the door, it only has 3 sides to make it easy to glue.

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