Saturday, 18 October 2014

 US Mail Box Design
Assembly Instructions
You will see that the main parts have been coded for your benefit.

First of all cut all the parts you will see that you will need to cut 2 of some of the they are marked with x2 and for those just needing the 1 part they have been marked x1

So, now you have all your bit s you’re ready to get glueing. You can use either glue or double sided sticky tape, it doesn’t matter which.
Firstly glue Pat 3 this is the main body of the mailbox, glue the small perforated side to the otherside making the basic shape of your mailbox. Next glue the patterned paper mail box top and side to Pat 3 making sure you line up the perforated lines, then glue the pattened paper mailbox bottom to the base of your mailbox.

Now glue your patterned paper lip for lid ends to Pat 1 this will give you a nice border when you close the ends of the mail box.
Then, glue pat 1 to pat 2 keeping it neat I glued it so that the tabs went over the outer side of pat 2 (you won’t see it once the patterned paper is glued to the ends) it makes it easier to glue it that way as you have a edge to butt It up to.
Do this for both ends..
Now glue pat 2s to each end of pat 3 using the tab at the bottom, making sure to put the tab inside the mailbox and also keeping the lip in the outside for closing. Finally glue your patterned paper to the ends and add your ribbon or embellishments to you new project, please refer to the images on our Etsy page as an easy guide with these instructions

Once you have done all that don’t forget to attach your flag for mail collection

Have fun and enjoy

 You can purchase this project by following the Mailbox link