Monday, 20 October 2014

3D layered card
Assembly Instructions

And other layered card designs

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Assembly instructions

First of all cut out  all your components.

The large rectangle is the back and sides with 2 narrow tabs to attach the front frame.
Fold at the dotted lines and attach the frame with glue or tape

All the inner layers have narrow tabs to attach them inside the box you have now created.

Staring with the back layer glue the tabs and put it on place allow to dry before adding the next layer, the tabs are a guide to the distance between each layer, although you can spread them further apart if you wish.
Some of our cards like the one in the image are designed to be placed in front of a light source or on a window sill to allow natural light to shine behind.
This brings the card to life, giving it a beautiful silhouette scene , for the card colour I recommend either white, off white or cream, you can use pale colours also which can enhance the result of your project