Monday, 27 October 2014

Mini Lanterns
To fit onto existing fairy lights 

Buy this gorgeous  SVG DXF or PNG file HERE

Assembly instructions

You have 5 parts to this design
Roof, back panel, window frame, window surround and main house

first glue the window frame to the surround and then glue that to the main house part with the hole for the window.
The main house part folds into 3 making the front and both sides.
Now glue the back panel onto the main house, let everything dry well then attach the roof.
You will see there's a small hole in the roof and also one in the back panel. These are where you poke your fairy lights through, the holes in the roof are for hanging lanterns on your tree or arch ways and the ones in the back ore for standing lanterns such as on the mantle or a shelf etc so you have a choice

Happy Crafting! x