Wednesday, 22 October 2014

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Assembly instructions

First of all cut all you pieces.

Start with putting the windows/door surrounds onto the sides and the front and back of the house parts, these are the parts in the images below
If you;re adding vellum then this is to be done at this stage also, but don't cover the 2 candle access large arched holes. Now glue all 4 panels together, the front is the one with the rectangle hole in the front in between the window levels, this is for the balcony to slot into which also acts as a floor level allowing a candle to be stood in so you can have a choice of upstair lighting and/or douwnstair lighting

Now glue the roof together (image of the roof sections below the Square section is the base of the house, this is to be done later in the stages)

You can build your annex now, but first glue the window surround and window frame in place, don;t attach to the roof yet though

Make the 3D section base and the Balcony level and the decorative pillars. The 4 large pillars are the ground level and the smaller ones are the balcony level, the other piece it to fit under the roof panel to give a flat surface for your pillars to glue to and also adds a great effect to the visual effect of the finishes Town House

Now carefully put the balcony in place, Slot it through the front of the house in the rectangle slot, pop a bit of glue on the back edge of the balcony floor section so it adheres to the back of the house to give it rigidity.
 Now glue the roof in place

Now you can glue the section that will fit under the roof that will give you a flat edge, it's a bit fiddly hold it in place until the glue is dry enough to hold it.

Now you can glue on the square base to the Town House. and then once that is dry glue that to the 3D base, gluing the house towards the back of the base to allow for room on the front for the pillars to go, about the same distance to the front that you have the balcony coming through.

Now you can put the pillars in place spacing them evenly  making sure you have one in each front corner.
Now you can put the annex on, glue it in position use the images on here to gauge where it goes :)
That's it, that's your Town House