Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Teapot, Cup and saucer
 Assembly Instructions
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The image below is what you will see on your digital mat (without the text)
 Teapot (scroll down for cup and saucer)
 Cut all your pieces

Assemble the spout, the shorter peice with tabs is the upper section of the spout and the longer one is the underneath, then the 2 sides, glue these together to make the spout

Take the sides of the teapot and put a curve in them to make them easier to glue to each other then one at a time glue them together starting at the bottom. I put the glue tabs on the outside so which is much easier and the decorative panels hide the tabs anyway.

Do this until you have all 6 sides glued together. 
Now glue in the base. keeping all the 6 side edges to the 6 sides of the base.

Glue the decorative panels on 

Glue the 2 parts of the handle together and then add the decorative panes to this and the spout then add then to the teapot.

The cup is pretty much the same assembly as the teapot but with 8 sides. so follow those instruction again for the cup.

And the saucer is almost the same again
the 12 sides to the saucer all glue together and then the base is added after, one on the top and one underneath to hide the glue tabs, then add the decorative layer on the top