Thursday, 25 June 2015

Enchanted Fairy Box card
Assembly instructions

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Below is an image of the same as you will see on your digital mat, but your will not have the text

Cut all your pieces

Add the decorative panels to the main box before you make the box up.
Now make the box up.
The cross section insert is as it says
Pass the orange section through the pink section, the flower arch will slot at the highest point, there isn't an actual slot but the way I've designed it, it just fits nicely together at the top and will fold flat neatly too.

Now you have them crossed through each other, fold the glue tabs all the same way,
dab some glue on the tabs and carefully position each tab in the middle
of each side in the main box as shown in both images below

be sure they're positioned in the middle so that the box will fold flat with any problems. 
before the glue is completely dry fold it flat and press down to make sure the cross section is in the right place, then fold it flat the other way too. 

The 2 back corners do not fold down they create a back drop for the fairy