Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Ornate Birdcage
Assembly Instructions

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Below is an image of what your digital mat looks like (yours will not have the text)

Cut all your pieces
Start with the main cage pieces front, back and both sides
At the top where all the score lines are this is a boxed section to add strength to the design once built.
From the top it folds down inwards to make the box section, so fold them all down and glue them in place, using the glue tab, now you will have what looks like a boxed beam along all the main sections of the cage.

Now glue the 4 sides together making the main cage.

Now to start the lower curved roof section
it's easier it you put a gentle curve into all the curved roof sections so that they glue together easier
Have your 4 lower curved roof sections ready, there's glue tabs on the side sections to attach to the front and back sections. 
So go ahead and glue the sides to the front and then glue the back in place. Be patient, it's a little bit fiddly,  but it does go together with a curve in it.
Now you will have the 2 sides of the lower roof section all glued together.

Do exactly the same with the upper curved roof section

Time to glue the lower curved roof section to the main cage
Using the glue tabs on the roof section glue them to the boxed beam section on the main cage.

leave a little while to dry. 

Now to glue the upper curved roof section to the lower curved roof section, first of all fold the glue tabs outwards
Take the upper curved roof section through the bottom of the main cage it's easir to go through the bottom of the cage than the top, the glue tabs will stop it coming out the top so now dab some glue on these tabs and secure in place to the lower roof section.
Now glue in the tiop and the base of the cage and then finally the overlays for the front and back of the main cage

There are some extra little decorations for you to use. or add your own :)

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