Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Steam Engine and Carriage

Assembly instructions
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Here's your mat layout for the carriage..
 Please note you will have 2 extra parts on your mat that aren't in this image, the part is for the back of the carriage the section that you can see on the left hand of the image at the top of this bit of the blog. This is the piece you will have on the mat that isn't on this picture. and the decorative part to this piece also

 steam engine mat layout

Steam Engine assembly

build the top base section first (orange parts) it's an oblong box that the cab and boiler will sit on. 
Then build the bottom base, this goes underneath the top base section and the wheels attach to the sides of this section.
The wheels on your mat have been cut to size to fit to the base section so they won't be a complete wheel. I changed it to make it easier.

Glue these two base sections together. the lower base goes down the middle of the upper base and sits flush at the back of the upper base so that it's back from the front, you need this space free at the front to attach the plough (cow catcher)

Build the cab. (red parts)
The main part has 2 fold lines, just fold them back and then glue the back train cab in place to make your cabin, and glue your decorative panels in place now too.

Build the roof
(green parts)
Put a curve into the top roof section then glue it to the end piece and then glue the other end piece in place, nnow put a curve in the bottom roof section remembering to curve it the right way for the roof and then glue that to the roof section you've just built. then add your decorative panels

Layer the wheels
For strength I suggest you cut 18 wheels 12 out of normal cardstock and 6 out of your choice of card that you'll be using for the wheels, this adds strength to the wheels.
 So your wheel are 3 layers each. - leave to dry

Build the boiler
(pink parts)
Put a curve in the boiler part and then glue it to the boiler end panels. (front and back panels)
And now add your decorative panel to the boiler

Build your chimneys 
(blue parts)
the rear chimney is straight forward it's just a tube.

The front chimney is a little more difficult.
Do the lower part of this one first (this is the bottom part on the mat)
just curve it around and glue the edges together so you have a funnel. 
The glue the top section to it (put a curve in it to make it easier to attach) and then where it overlaps at the edges glue it to secure it then you have the chimney
To attach them to the boiler poke the glue tabs through the boiler holes and glue them on the inside to secure them.

Attach the roof to the cab

The glue tabs on the top of the cab glue to the underside of the roof. You might need to hold in place whilst the glue dries. make sure you keep the roof central to the cab. It has a slight over hang at the front and a bigger over hang at the back.

Attach the cab to the base.

The cab glues to the tiop side of the base (the bigger section) remember the back is where the bottom base section sits flush with the top base section, the cab fits to the back of the base

Line the back of the cab up with the back of the base and this is where it sits, glue it in place. 

Now attach the boiler
This fits right up to the cab. make sure you keep it central glue in place

Glue the wheel arch decorative panels to the main arches and then line them up with the back of the cab and base section and glue in place, you can see in the main image where it fits.

Now for the wheels. start with the front wheel and line it up with the front of the arch then the next one  goes right next to it with a tiny gap and then the 3rd one the same, do both side the same.
They glue onto the the lower base section under the train so they stand back slightly underneath 

And finally the plough (cow catcher) and the name plaques

It's in 2 halves

Fold the glue tabs backwards on both and glue them together so that they go inwards. You will need to give each side a bit of a curve to help it form it's shape.
This attaches to the underside of the top base at the front. Check the image for how it looks it's better than trying to explain 
Now pop your name plaques on and your finished!

The carriage assembly
see below the images..

The base, roof and wheel sections are exactly the same as the Engine so you just need to follow those instructions again.

You have the red parts that are the main carriage, just glue them together to build the carriage  the rear section fits to the end of the windows, not right to the back of the carriage, then add the rear panel that makes the back of the carriage. and then add your decorative panels.
and you can fix it to the base that you should have made first.

Now the lid for the carriage, glue all the 4 parts together (front, back and sides) and the the roof can be glued to this. be sure to have the over hang for the rear of the train section
 it has a little over hang at the front like the cab. but most of it goes over the back just like the cab

the lid slots to the inside of the carriage. it will be a snug fit. if it's giving you hassle just put a bit of a curve into the front and back of the lid and it should slot inside better.  

Now add your wheels and name plaque and the carriage is also finished. 

Now you have a full train :)