Friday, 6 March 2015

Princess Carriage

Assembly Instructions below

This design can be purchased here

Below is what you will see on your mat but this image is labelled for you to help make the build easier

Cut all your parts
Cut 12 wheels in plain cardstock and 4 in your chosen colour card.
You will layer the wheels 3 thick (plus your chosen colour card so 4 layers think all together)  

Build the base (yellow parts) 
It's just a rectangle box for the carriage to sit on and the wheels to stick to. Put it aside to dry.

Now build the carriage (pink parts)
It's a simple build. 2 sides and 2 main body sections, one for the front and one for the back. There's a fat bit on the bottom of the sides, this is the bottom, You will see on the main body setion there is a fold line part way in on both pieces, this lines up to the end of the flat bit on the sides. it overlaps at the bottom right in the middle and the same at the top. 

Glue one side panel to one of the main panels and the follow one with the next main panel around the side panel. so you end up with half a carriage.
I put the glue tabs to the outside of the carriage so that it fits evenly around and it's easier too. your decorative panles will hide the glue tabs :)

Glue the curtains to the inside of the decorative panels so that it's neat on both the outside and inside of the carriage.

Now glue the decorative pieces to the main carriage.

If you haven't layered the wheels do that now as described above.

I also cut 4 ponies to give them strength, so if you have done that you can glue them together now too. 2 layers for each pony giving you 2 ponies to pull the carriage.

Glue the carriage on to the base, keeping in in the center of the base.

You now have the wheel arches. there's a main arch and a decorative arch glue the decorative one the the main for both sides of the carriage.

then line the flat edge of the arch to the flat edge of the carriage and glue it in place.

The wheels sit just below the arches - see the main images for positioning.

and make sure your wheel are all at the same height otherwise you will have a rocking carriage lol

Now to attach the ponies - the reigns just glue to the sides of the carriage to secure them. it's better to do this with the carriage and the ponies all on the same level so that it's all touching down together :)

Add your own decoration and or embellishments and you're finished!

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