Sunday, 18 January 2015

3D Baby carrier car seat
Assembly instruction
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I have laid the parts on the mat so you have an idea of which part goes where

Cut all the pieces
The main part of the carrier is blue, build this first

Start with the back panel which is the largest one.
glue the back into place first then the bottom of it.
Now glue the seat part in place again start with the back then the seat.
The hood has 4 parts all the same. position the first one at the back edge of the seat slightly hanging over the back, then add the next one overlapping the first one you glued on, and do this with the other 2. keeping the ends together each side

The harness just glues through the slits that you have it the decorative part, glue it in place then glue the decorative panel onto the seat.
Now the carry handle just glue it over the edges of the hood on the side of the seat and position where you want it to go

add your own bit of decoration