Sunday, 4 January 2015

3D Vintage Camera
Assembly Instructions 
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As always I've tried to lay the mat out in a way that you can see how it goes together

The dark green pieces are the back box that the camera fits to, the orange pieces are the decorative paper parts,  the brown pieces are the camera bellows and bellow front frame/bracket. dark purple is the box on the front of the bellows, light purple is the circle (lens) 

Cut all your pieces out
Don't stick your decorative pieces on yet..

Start with the bellows, it's fiddly but be patient I will try and explain as best I can how these fit together, there are 2 which are the same as each other which are for the bottom and top of the bellow and the other 2 are the for the left and right sides.

You can notice the difference by looking at the diagonal fold lines at the very bottom and top of each part, they go opposite ways. 

Fold  the bellow pieces in a Concettina style

Now flatten them out and attach tape , only do this to the 2 pieces, either the top and bottom or the left and right

Re-crease them and now attach them to make the bellows

Now for the camera box

Make up the box 
Glue all the 4  tabs on the right side of the back of the box (the square piece)  and also on the sides, so all the tabs are on the outside (right side) of the box  they will all be covered by the decorative panels and the inside will look neat without tabs. Now you can glue your decorative pieces on

Glue your decorative paper onto the base, you should have one for each side the underside and the topso glue them both on. now glue the 2 hinges to the base and when dry glue then to the bottom edge of the box. 

Make up the box that fits on the end of the bellows and also the lens (circle part) and glue them in place
I used some acetate for the lens hole to make it more authentic

Now for the bellow holder, you have 2 so glue them together and open the glue tabs out at the bottom, add some glue, slot it over the bellows and glue it down to the base, check the image for an idea where to position the holder. 

Now fit the handle and any embellishment you want to add :)