Tuesday, 6 January 2015

3D Violin Box
Assembly Instructions
You can follow these for the Electric Guitar too, they are much the same principle
Purchase the Violin design here
The Electric Guitar here images can be found at the bottom of this page for this

As always I have tried to lay the pieces on the mat in a way that you can see how it goes together.
Cut all your pieces , but read through this first.

The purple parts are the front of the violin box which is also the top of the box which fits over the bottom. 
The sides are all in their correct position and the correct way round so remember to keep them in the right order. 
Before you glue any of the side panels on please put the curves in them to follow the top shape of the box, this will help you when you come to glue them in place I used a pen to put the curves in. I rolled the card pieces around the pen.
The 2 smallest pieces on the sides are to fit in between the very curved section on the sides, they start on the flat part of the curve and finish on the other side on the flat part of the curve.
Glue these in place first. Glue the tabs on the right side of the violin, this will keep it neat on the inside so if you put anything in it it will not have the tabs showing. It also helps with keeping the contour of the box without it being fiddly as you can just butt the sides right up to the front part.do this with both the top and the bottom.
Now glue in the rest, making sure you keep them in the order they were on the mat.

The Orange pieces are the bottom of the violin box, make up in the same way you made the top.

The pink pieces are the decorative pieces, so glues these on after the sides have dried these decorative parts will hide those tabs :)

The blueish green parts are the neck of the violin.
There's 4 pieces, 1 is the neck and 3 parts for the neck support,
The neck has a box section that fits underneath to give it support these are the 3 parts to the left of the actual neck template, make this up the closed end goes to the top of the neck this glues to the neck and is now one piece, when you glue the support onto the neck be sire to leave room for the bottom end of the neck to overlap the top of the box, this is how it is attached to the violin box. 

Now add your own embellishments and you're finished

Here are the images for the Electric Guitar gift box