Saturday, 3 January 2015

3D Gumball Machine
Assembly Instructions
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 Cut all the pieces in your chosen colour.
I used mars red stardust 280gsm card for the main body of the machine and the lid. It gave it plenty of strength.

I also used a stiff (thick 300gsm) clear acetate for the cylinder which also adds strength.

I have laid the pieces out on the digital ,mat to make it easier for you to see which pieces go where.

The green pieces are for the inside of the main box they go either side of the sweet dispenser door on the front, they connect to the inside of the front and the outside of the cylinder to keep you sweeties from escaping into the empty box area.

First start by gluing the sides onto the front, (the sides have a slope, the slope is the part that glues to the front, the long edge is the bottom) and then glue the back into place, the top of the back has a curve cut out of the glue flap the same as the front part (this follows the contour of the circle of the top of the main box) 

Now glue on the top with the circle hole in it. Don't glue the base on until the end..

Build the cylinder for the sweets..

There are 2 parts, front and back one is very slightly wider than the other and has a square cut out of it, put your sticky tape on the wider one, right on the very edge. This is the front of the cylinder. Stick both cylinder pieces together along one edge only for now.

Try it for size inside the Gumball box by slotting into he hole in the top, and note where the cylinder needs to be glued together for a good snug fit, Take it out and glue it together.
Then pop it back in keeping the square opening to the front.

The lid

2 circles 2 sides with glue tabs and 2 plain sides.

dab some glue along the very edge of one of the circles and start sticking one of the side pieces with the tabs to it. putting the tabs on the top of the circle. once you've done one then follow with the other overlapping slightly and go all the way round until you're back where you started with the 1st one and this should overlap too. Now put some glue all over the top of this and stick the other circle to this so that it covers all the tabs nicely and neatly. now glue the plain sides of the lid in place keeping them flush with the top of the lid. 

Add the walls inside the machine (the green parts) fold the tabs so that they go outwards.
Put some sticky tape on all the tabs (2 on each piece) 

One at a time stick them to the cylinder first lining it up with the side of the square cut out glue tabs going away from the cut out, (they should touch the top and the bottom of the box( then stick it to the inside of the front of the box again lining it up with the hole on the front and again glue tabs going away from the hole.

Now you can glue the base section on.

If you haven't already done so, you can now glue on the door to the flap on the front, the letters and the sweet embellishments