Friday, 2 January 2015

3D Jukebox
Assembly Instructions

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I've tried to lay the pieces out on the digital mat so it's easier to see what goes where.

I haven't used any decorative paper for this design. just lots of vellum to give the luminance that Jukeboxes have

I used a frosted pearlescent vellum

Firstly cut out all your pieces
The main parts are in a pinky brown colour on the digital mat and one is orange (it got away from the main colouring)

Stick all your vellum pieces to the wrong side of the main parts, and then the silver bits (the decoration chrome effect)
You will see there are 2 pieces of vellum that have fold lines each side of them, these are the 2 side pieces that are rounded, They are a little fiddly but not too bad

To make up these 2 rounded side pieces slightly round them round a pencil or something similar  then put some sticky tape on to the rounded parts of the base this is where these are going to go. then carefully stick the vellum around this rounded area of the base (it's like a half circle on each side of the base, the vellum only goes onto the half circle so start your vellum from the insdie of the base not the outside edge)

Once you have both sides in place then glue the top part on to these it will now be starting to take shape of a rounded (Half cylinder) shape

Now glue the sides onto these vellum sections, the edge with no fols line is the side that sticks to the vellum. put both sides on
Now you can glue the from in place, start at the tab at the bottom, it's a snug fit so be sure you pull the top over the rounded sides before securing the sides, and fold the tab upwards that's glued on the top of the rounded sections, this can be glued to the inside of the front panel give strength.

Now glue the back in place.
And not the roof but give it a little bend first making sure not to crease it, it need to be smooth so it looks neat. Now glue the last few bits of decoration onto the rounded sections and any other parts that you have glued on