Tuesday, 30 December 2014

3D Cuckoo Clock
Assembly Instructions
This can be purchased here

I have tried to lay the templates out to help make it understandable  as there are quite a few parts to this project

The front of the clock that shows in the middle of the parts is the main front the other one is for the decorative paper.
So if you look at the main front on the mat you will see 5 parts the same colour these are the sides and along side those in a darker blue are the decorative parts for the sides.

The dark green parts at the top of the mat are one side of the roof one and is slightly longer than the other roof part which is light green,  the longer one overlaps the shorter one at the top of the roof. the red bits are the decorative parts for the roof
 The pink/beige parts are for the arched opening that you see with the treats insdie. the bit with all the tabs is the top of the arch and the other bit is the sides and bottom in one peice, the other pieces are the decorative pieces
The the dark pink pieces go around the main body of the clock, the clock face and the arch.
The orange pieces at the bottom is the base for the clock to sit on.
and then the clock face itself this needs to be printed then cut out.

So cut all your parts including the decorative parts

Start by gluing the decorative parts to the main parts. so it makes assembly easier.

Glue the clock face in place too. then glue all the sides together in one whole piece. and then glue that to the front of the clock body keping it all lined up, whilst waiting for that to glue together the arch in one whole piece, then attach it to the inside front part of the clock laking sure you keep it lined up.
Now for the back to be glued in place, take care to keep it all lined up to keep it neat. 

Now build your roof pieces and base, they all go together in the same way,
Put the roof on, put the smallest one on first and line it up so it's inline with the back of the clock ans also with the top og the roof, you should only have overhang on the front and at the bottom not the back or the top. then glue the lager piece in place, again lining it up with the back (no overhang) and line it up with the top of the other side of the roof you have just put on. again you should only have overhang at the front and bottom.

Now the base keep it lined up with the back of the clock, so that everything on the back is flush 

Add your decorations hearts etc and you have your cuckoo clock :)