Sunday, 18 January 2015

3D Handbag Satchel
Assembly Instructions
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I have laid the parts out on the digital mat to make it easier for you to see where each piece goes

Cut all your pieces 

The cream pieces are the main bag, front back, sides and flap

the sides are in order as shown on the mat so try to keep them in order and keep referring back to the image on here and the mat for guidence

Glue the sides onto on of the bag parts (the front and back are the same so it doesn't matter which you start with)

I glue the tabs into the right side as it's so much easier and the decorative paper pieces hide your glue tabs.

Once you have glued all of them on the one side of the bag now glue the other side of the bag on, again gluing the tabs on the right side of the bag

Now glue the decorative panels on the front and back and also the corner parts

Now the bag flap. 
Glue the decorative panel onto the main part  (the decorative parts are coloured purple)

You have two straps for the front of the flap, these have holes in them, thread the buckle through and then position them spaced apart on the flap like you see in the image. glue them in place with a bit of the buckle hanging over the front edge of the flap.

Now glue the flap into place the end section  up to the crease line is glued onto the back of the bag, make sure you line it up with the top of the bag and keep it level

The handle
Thread the small strap pieces throught the ring fold it over and glue it, then glue it to the side of the bag, do this with each side. the thread the longer pieces through the ring and glue them on each side. 
Now thread the last buckle over the handle, now glue the handle togther in the middle and push the buckle over the join