Saturday, 10 January 2015

3D Table Lamp
Assembly instructions

You can purchase this file here 

I’ve tried to make this lamp as straight forward as possible
The pieces are laid out on the mat to make it more understandable.

The lamp shade itself (the fancy pieces) have been created with the glue flap integrated.
Take a look at the top and the bottom of theses parts and you will see a curved cut line, this fold inwards and is the flap for your top section and the base section.  (these are the 4 hexagon pieces in the same colour as the lamp shade pieces)
You will have 2 base sections and 2 top sections, one of each of these fits inside the lamp and the other one fits on the outside, this makes it neat and you can’t see any glue flaps.

Now to build it

Cut all your parts

Now glue the lamp shade itself together. Then put some glue on the inside of those little glue tabs on the top of the shade, put the hexagonal top piece in and attach it to those tabs on the inside. When dry glue the top and stick the other one on the outside so now you have no glue tabs showing, do the same with the bottom part of the shade.

The stem of the lamp

Fold all the tabs over and shape the pieces with a curve this makes it easier to glue togther.
Glue the tabs on the outside as this is so much easier for the last one to be glued in place and the decorative pieces will hide the tabs.
Once you’ve made it put all you decorative panels on then fold the top and bottom tabs over, glue the hexagonal base and top on then you can glue it to the lamp shade
Now you are finished. Just add your embellishments if you want to