Thursday, 6 August 2015

Pop Up cards
Assembly Instruction 

Some new designs in the shop today :) 
This one is the Pony carousel  

 In the shop now - get this design

Here is a step by step
tutorial on the pop up card
I've taken as many images as I can to help provide a good idea for you.
It might seem like a lot of work but it isn't really. It just looks it because of the amount of images I've added.

Both are easy to make.
Simply cut all the pieces
I used heavy cardstock (260gsm) for the outer card
and light paper (120gsm) for the inner card (the pop up section)

The inner section you will need to tease to make it all pop up. you will need a little patience , just take your time and gently press each fold into the direction it needs to go, refer to the images to see which way the folds go :) 

Just glue the 2 parts together. The inner
card glues to the inside of the outer card keeping the center scores lined up and then add the bows or ponies depending on which card you're making :)