Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Haunted House
Assembly instructions
'Old Gallows Manor'

Here is the digital mat with all the parts labelled up to help you in the build

Purchase this file here

First of all cut all your pieces!

Build the main house first

The main house is he left hand section of the building.

Start with the center front section this is a box section the window to the front ant the square hole to the back which is an area to put a battery tealight into when finished.

Now make the left and right sides up 
Look at the image below to help guide you to how they fold to create a square boxed section at each end of these parts

Do this with both the left and the right side 
Now to make the pillar section for the front center section you need to make 2 of these like in the image

 And then make up the Platform this is the part you can see in the top of this image

Glue both pillars to each side of the center section and then the platform over the top, curve the top of the center section outwards so it follows the curve in the pillars, dab some glue on that tab to secure it in place

Now glue the front left side panel in place and the left side of house as you see in the image below

 And then do the same with the right side

  and now glue the back in place 

 Now to build the balcony

 The slots are for the front of the balcony to just slot into

Glue on one side like in the image above

and then the second side like in the image below

Then glue down the tabs

Now to build the upper house

 Glue the roof pieces together then add them to this section

Glue the main roof sections together and add them to the main house, the 2 narrow sections ore to the front and the one with the cut out section is to the back and goes around the back of the tower just below the platform as you can see in the below.

Line the roof up with the bottom of the platform

Glue the roof down on the back first and follow the contour of the curved edges on the sides at the base of the roof and keep it butted up to the tower section
. Do the same with the front sections of the roof also keeping those butted up to the tower (upper house) too.

Now to put the upper house onto the platform, it should be a perfect fit :)

The front is the window and the back is the door

Now to build the lower (smaller) house section on the right.

The left and right side panels build up in the same way of the main house. then glue the front and back of the house in place to give you the 4 sided house section. 

Glue the roof together and glue it to the house, there is no over hang on this roof as it butts up to the main house and has a chimney on the other side.

Glue the main house to the larger area on the base, the glue the smaller house to the main house and the smaller section of the base.

make up the chimney and glue that to the end of the smaller house

make up the large box section base and the small box section base

Glue the bases together and then add the fencing. the gated part goes in front of the house from the left corner of the boxed base to the right corner. 
The other longer fence goes across the font of the smaller boxed base and around the side and the small piece goes around the back. Cut a second larger piece and glue that around the left side and around the back .

Now glue the whole house to the base with more room at the front than at the  back. make the sign post up and place it in your chosen area I put mine near the chimney side of the house as you will see in the images.

Back of house