Monday, 15 June 2015

Wine Bottle Gift Box
Assembly Instructions

You can purchase this file HERE

Your digital mat will look like this (but without the text)
Please note...
There is now a second inner section for the bottle to sit in which has a wider hole for wider bottles, so there is now a choice, it is not in this image, but it will be on your digital mat.

Dimensions of this bottle box are
4" x 4" x 13.25" high (a standard bottle of wine in the UK is approx 12")
Cut all your parts and lay them out so you now which are which

Start with the base
Glue the 4 sides together first, then add the hinge, (put a fold in the hinge where the dotted lines are to help with the opening of the lid later) the largest end attaches to the base on the tallest side and inside the box, line the dotted lines up to about 2 mm above the edge of the box

Now you can attach the inner section for the bottle to sit in.
Fold all the tabs downwards ( the pointy parts on the tabs are to go to the front of the box)
You will see some little cut lines on both side tabs next to the crease lines, these are for lining up to the edge of the box so that about 1cm is above the edge of the box.

Apply  glue (or sticky tape) to the tabs and glue it in place using those cut lines to guide you to lining it up to the edge of the box.
Glue in the bottom of the base (the square section with 4 tabs)
Place to one side to dry

The lid

Make as the base, 
Glue the 4 sides together first.
 Now glue the inside lining to the top of the lid (the square section with tabs on each side, remember to glue it to the inside of this piece as it's the decorative lining), then  glue this into the top of the lid section (tabs on inside of lid)
Once this is done you can then add the front and 2 sides of the inner lining, the back has to be done when the lid is glued to the hinge on the base.

Now glue the hinge to the lid of the box again leaving about 2mm above the dotted line to the edge of the lid

Lay flat and add your decorative panels to all the sides and the top and bottom.

The Bow

I have designed the bow to wrap around the box and hold the lid down.
The main part of the bow is in 2 pieces and has slots cut into the ends.
the slots are for the ends to slot together around the back of the box.

Glue the narrow ends together making sure that you have one piece with the slot going up and the other piece with the slot going down (it will need to be 4" from each set of dotted lines closet to the narrowing of the ribbon, as this part is for the bow and goes to the front of the box)
Then make your bows and attach them to that ribbon piece. so that you have what should resemble a ribbon with a bow in the middle
Fold it at the crease lines and slot the ribbon ends together 
Now it should just slot over the top and slide down the box to hold the lid closed.

Add your bottle of wine!!

*****One thing to note*****

When the wine is in the box and you close the lid, the lid does slide over the top of the bottle (touching it) this is the way the design is, it's fine and will not damage the box in anyway. So just gently push it down over the bottle and it will close :)