Friday, 5 June 2015

Turning Ferris Wheel

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These are the parts for the wheel

I recommend that you layer the sides, base and the frame with at least 3 layers of heavy card stock this will help keep it sturdy

I used 300gsm card stock and put 3 layers on each side of the wheel, each side of the stand and also the base.

I also made 3 layes for the turning handle too.

So cut all of your pieces and start with making the 8 baskets, the 2 sides and the center pieces , glue on side to the centre piece and then the other amd leave to one side for now
No it's time for the layering of the wheel, layer 1 at a time set it aside under something flat and heavy to help it keep perfectly flat, do this with all the parts that need layering and then do the same again for the second and 3d layers and any more layers that you choose to add.

Whilst they are drying you can build the spindle, this is the piece that the wheel rotates around, it goes through the centre hole of the wheels.
It's basically a hexagon tube, so just fold it around and glue the tab to the other end to gie a boxed section tube.

On one end glue one of the circle shaped discs ( one without the segments cut into it) glue it over one end of the spindle, using the little tabs on the end of the spidle, the will fold outwards for this.

When your layered parts are all dry you can continue but wait until they are 100% dry before building with them.

Take one of the frame side sections and put it over the spindle and push it up to the end disc you glued on earlier.
Then take a disc that has the segment section cut into it and put it onto the spindle up against the frame make sure the glue tabs (segments) on the disc are folded out and pointing inwards away from the frame it's going up to. Make sure there is some room for the stand in between both discs, just enough to allow it the spindle to rotate without restriction of the discs,  the tabs can now be glued in place to keep

You will need 2 more of the discs with the segments cut into them, these glue to the outer side of each wheel with the glue tabs (segments) pointing outwards away from the wheel.

Once you have glued on the disc on the wheel slot one wheel over the spindle with the disc on the outside edge, this pushes up to the other disc on ther and the tabs over lap and can be glued down

slot over the other side of the wheel keeping the disc to the outside again. you will need to add your baskets at this stage
Make sure you can line up the wheels on each side so that they are symmetrical then 
Slot one side of the holder into one of the holes (circles), then slide the basket onto the holder then pop the holder through the hole on the other side
, do this with all 8 baskets,

Once all the baskets are in place you can now see the gap you need on the spindle for the otherside of the wheel and it can be glued in place onto the spindle.
Now put on the another disc with the segments cut into it, slot it over and let the tabs overlap again. and glue them down

Put the frame onto the spindle, and then slot the turning handle onto the spindle, with the glue tabs inwards, push the handle along until the tabs touch the back of the other disc that's on there already. glue in place making sure the spindle is free to turn.

Then glue the last plain disc on the end of the spindle to finish that off.

On the frame divide the tabs so that 2 go one way and one goes the other, I'm not sure if it matters which side has the most tabs

Then glue one side onto the base keeping the tab level with the longest edge of the base (this is the correct width for the frame) glue both tabs down on either side of this frame. then do the same with the otherside of the frame keeping the tab to the edge of the base for the correct width

The last thing to add is the knob for the turning handle, and the treats.

I'm currently looking at some side supports for this file to add extra stability to the whole thing

As soon as they are available I will let you know and those who have purchased the file can have the supports emailed to them :)

I hope this helps and makes some sense

have fun!