Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Cupcake Stand Single cake
teapot design
Assembly Instructions

Purchase this design here 

 Pretty little cake stand for a single cake

Your digital mat layout wll look like this
Out of 180gsm cardstock
Cut 2 each of
Top of lid
Teapot section 1
Teapot section 2
 and 1 of the wrapper
having 2 layers adds strength to your cupcake stand

Then out of decorative paper
cut 2 each of
Teapot section 1 (you will need to flip the second cut of this one)
Teapot section 2 (you will need to flip the second cut of this one)
and 1 of
Teapot top

Glue the 2 section 1's of cardstock  together
and the same for both section 2's
 then glue the decorative paper to each side of both these sections so that both sides of each section have decorative paper

Now glue the tops together then glue the decorative paper to one side of this

 When completely dry
Slot sections 1 and 2 together 
and then put the top on with the decorative paper facing upwards,
it just slots over the cross section of the teapot to give a base for your cupcake and holds the stand in place