Thursday, 23 April 2015

SVG Shopping bag style Gift Bag
Assembly instructions

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Have the freedom of customising your own gift bag to suit the recipients taste

Your digi mat will look like this
It's quite sinple to put together

Fold the glue tabs on the left and right side pieces and also were it changes to the bottom of the bag
These 2 secions join in the middle at the bottom of the bag

Glue the left side onto the front section, line it up with the top of the bag and the corner, then fold around the bottom. then do the same with the right side and glue this to the left side where they overlap at the bottom

Now glue the back in place
I used a 2 sided decorative paper for mine so there was no need for the use of the decorative panels, but I have included these so you have the choice. The main front and back are the same template for your decorative front and back panels.

I also used the cut out section from the handle for a gift tag :)