Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Funfair 3D Layered Box card
Assembly instructions
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Here's an image of what your mat looks like but this image is labelled for your convenience

Fold the back and sides piece so that it makes a 3 sided card, and then fold the smaller glue tabs inwards for the front frame to attach to.
Attach the frame to the glue tabs this forms the main box card

There's 3 layers in this card, start with the back layer. Fold the glue tabs backwards on the layers and have your box upside down and glue in your back layer, making sure you have it the correct way round and also the right way up.

It glues towards the back,so that the glue tabs on the layer almost touch the back of the box.
Then for the middle layer put this so that the glue tabs are almost touching the back layer, then the front layer will go between the middle layer and the front frame of the box

Now your box is complete!

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