Thursday, 26 March 2015

Afternoon Tea 3D Wall Art Frame
Assembly Instructions 
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Assembly instructions

Above is how you mat will look when opened but without the text

Cut all your pieces. and keep aside the inside of the handles from the teapot and cups on the teacup insert piece  as they will be needed later

Start with the frame pieces

They fold into a square tube to make the edge of the frame

and the square piece is what they glue to.

One you have built the 4 frame parts set them aside to dry.

Take your teacup insert and glue the teapot patterned paper to the back of this over the teapot cut out. then glue the main patterned paper to the back of the teacup insert, so that you will have one pattern for the teapot and another for the cuts

Now glue this to the back of the frame piece, centering it in the middle

Take your 4 frame edges and one by one glue them in place keeping them to the edge of the back of the frame piece

The strips are for rienforcing the the sides of the frame, they just glue around the edge. 

You will need to glue the little parts that you set aside after cutting they are the inside of the handles on the cups and teapot, 

You should have 32 cups and 4 teapots. fold them all in half.

Apply glue along the crease on the back of the cups and teapots and glue one layer in on top of your insert that is in the frame do this for all the cups and teapot, then repeat for the second layer and so on until there are 4 layers for each. when dry gently make the fan out to create a 3D effect.

Finally add the front border/frame to finish.

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