Sunday, 5 November 2017

Hanging Christmas Tree box card 
Assembly instructions 
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Assembly intructions 

  Step 1 - 6
You have cut all your pieces

Glue the background to what will be the inside of the card like shown in number
Turn the card over and glue the frames and snowflakes in place

 Steps 7 - 12

Fold the card as shown in number 7 and 8.
From the left it goes as follows
Valley,   mountain, mountain, mountain, valley mountain, mountain, mountain
Now add glue to the glue tab, and attach to the opposite side of the card as shown in number 10.
Now push the 2 valley folds inwards like number 11 and 12

Steps 13 - 18
Take the 2 tree sections slot together and fold the glue tabs as shown in number 15.
Slot the tree into the base of the card and attach the glue tabs just under the window opening as shown in number 17 and 18

Steps 19 - 24
Add the ribbon decoration as shown in number 20
Make the envelope
You have now completed your card and envelope

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