Monday, 30 November 2015

3D hanging stars
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 Set of three stars

With these stars there is a little door where you can put battery lights inside
I used string lights each has 20 lights on the string. and the battery pack also fits inside to hide it away
I have hung all three together with the lighting and it looks great!
 Woodland Deer
 Winter Cottage

 This design is very easy to make
here's some instructions for you to follow

Glue the vellum onto the wrong side (inside) of the star front and back

Then end take the side piece with the door flap,
The end with the glue flap goes to the very top point of the star, then the fold line goes to the right hand base of that star point and then it goes up the top of the next point on the star on the right, then you start the same again for the next side panel and then all the same for the rest of them. But before you glue the last panel to the 1st oe you did, you need to glue in place the hanging hook which glues to the tab on the side panel at the very top point of the star.