Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Silhouette Box Lantern
Step by step
 Here's a step by step guide to making this lantern

The box measures 
7.25" high
4.5 wide
3"deep (front to back) 
I cut the front out of one singe A4 card sheet and the same with the back
I used 1 A4 sheet for the 3 tree layers
and 1 A4 sheet for the top and base inserts
I used acetate for the windows but you can use a vellum if you want a frosted effect.
You can purchase this design here 

The lantern has compartments in both the top and bottom for tealights so you can add light from either the top or bottom or both as I have in the image above
 the tealight in the top go in upside down as shown in as image below the assembly instructions :)