Friday, 8 May 2015

July 4th Party Crackers and Box
Assembly instructions
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This is what you will see on your digi mat

for the Crackers
Cut all the pieces ( make 6 of these to go in the box)
Fold the thin section inwards and the 2 fold lines either side of that fold the opposite way.
Open it back out and roll it over a table edge to help it curve to make it easier to join the ends
use sticky tape on the glue tabs and curve the cracker so that the ends meet and press together to make sure it sticks well

Now add your decorative pieces i your colour choice and the  put in your candy or gifts and then tie some ribbon or string around the thin section of each end of the crackers to stop anything falling out

This is how the Box looks on your digi mat
Make the bottom first
The 4 oblong pices are the sides. 
Glue them in place
You can cut 2 bases to add strength if you wish  and glue the other one inside to hide the glue tabs, this will also make the box look neat.

Now the lid
Glue the acetate to the front frame on the outside then glue the sides in place but put the glue tabs on the outside so that when you add your decorative piece it will hide the acetate abd the glue tabs making the inside of the lid nice and neat

once the lid is built add the decorative pieces in your colour choices

Now pop in the crackers you have made into the box they will fit nicely
and put the lid on :)

Crackers as cut
7" x 4.75"

9" x 6.5" x 1.75"