Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Sewing room Box card
Assembly instructions

Below are the assembly instructions for this card

This is what you see on your mat

Start with the back and sides of the box, fold all the crease lines inwards
 The 2 narrow parts are glue tabs for the front frame, this can be glued in place first.

Now you have a rectangle box

If you're using decorative paper for the back of the box glue this in place now at the back inside the box

Now the layers

Start with the back layer with the sewing machine etc.

The single parts can be cut in contrasting or decorative paper. They just glue over the top of the ones on the layer 

Fold the tabs backwards and add some glue. Turn your box upside down and position your back layer toawrds the back of the card using the glue tabs as a distance guide to the back of the box.

Glue the tailors dummy stand to the front layer, and then the body to that. then fold the glue tabs backwards like with the back layer and glue in front of the back layer again using the tabs as your spacers 

The chandelier glues to the back of the box which can be done now so you get the height right :)

Just add your greeting then you're finished