Sunday, 28 December 2014

Secret Garden Box Card
Assembly Instructions

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Cut all your parts. I recommend you use white or cream pearlescent (280gsm A4) card to give the effect you see in the image .

All the internal scene layers have tabs, they fold backwards and attach the the sides (inside) the box frame.

Make up the box frame, the largest part is the back sides and front tabs, it's all in one piece. crease each score line all the same way. then the front which is the frame with the fancy leaf pattern will glue onto the tabs on the main box section to give you the main box of the card.

The house layer goes to the back (remember to fold the tabs backwards as these give you the spacing from each of the other layers and also the back of the card)
Glue it in remembering each layer glues in at the bottom, so just check which way your frame is when gluing.

The next layer is the trees and then finally attach the birdhouse to the lonely oblong piece by just gluing it at the base of the bird table you could cut 2 of these and glue together keeping one each side of the oblong layer for stiffness. add the bird to the top of the table.
Now attach the gates to the front. carefully line them up so the meet in the middle, they bow out a little to give an elegant look to the front of the box so just slightly bend them around a bottle to give them a bit of a curve.  They both have a score line so that they can open up to reveal the secret garden. glue each gate to the sides of the frame of the box using the tabs on the outer edge of each gate.
Keep using the image as a reference it helps you understand the building of it a bit more